The trainer TAXC i-Genius is the top of the trainer TAXC,



that in the multiplayer version is equipped with fork to create personal paths immediately visible on the computer screen, and also the one-year subscription to the web racing, to train or compete at distance with other cyclists. The system TAXC i-Genius is based on an electric motor of high power with wireless control, the characteristics of this engine allow to develop high power at low speed , this means being able to simulate high gradients, furthermore also allows the simulation of the descent. The motor can develop a maximum power of 1500 watts, with simulation of the gradient up to 20%. The electronic engine control allows constant adjustment of engine power to the type of journey that is simulated, eliminating the cadence sensor that is replaced by engine sensors that analyze the force generated by pedaling and the balance thereof. This solution also allows to obtain a perfect control of the power developed by the athlete and of the balance of his pedaling force. The system PowerBack transforms the heat generated by the engine brake to electricity to be used by the same engine and thus reduce the electrical consumption; in practice is the same athlete who produces the electricity required for the electric motor. The 4 Trainer software allows you to better manage your training and through the VR Terrain choose the road on which to train among the many available (Mountain , mountain terrain , Downhill Valley, MTB terrain , terrain road , criterium , Metropolitan , city criterium , Velodrome , Six -day). It’s possible to train together up to 10 athletes and transport the outdoor workouts on the trainer and travel the same roads indoors. Through the appropriate fork you can create your own tracks, or use one of the many CD TAXC. Present a series of programs for the analysis of training. The trainer can communicate with the computer, or through the adapter with an ipad.

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