After optimizing the shape and materials of the Deva bottle cage with pro riders like Niki Terpstra, Tacx kept on pushing the limits of what was possible in order to make it even more lightweight. The result is the Ciro!


The Tacx Ciro is designed for great strength with minimal use of materials, each element in its shape is analysed for functionality and reduced to a minimum. By reinforcing its black shell with Carbon and giving it a strong skeleton of glass fibre compound, we were able to highly simplify its shape while keeping its strong clamping force intact.

Thanks to the minimalistic design and use of materials, the Ciro is lightweight, only 29g. The resulting pure and slim shape respects your bike and lets you show of the design of your drinking bottle. As it is available in a variety of colours and both a matt and shiny finish, this high quality bottle cage matches any bike.