Train more efficiently and with more fun with the new Tacx software! Unlimited high quality video access, structured training plans, data analysing tools, follow friends and many more features in the Tacx software. Find out more at the tacx website or go directly to to give it a try. Registering is free!


Training for a race or climb requires specific training. In the Tacx Software you may find several ways to get ready:

High quality Tacx Films

Discover famous classics, steep climbs, cities and other beautiful places around the globe. Especially for the launch, 5 films are available for you to try!

Structured training plans

Training plans for specific goals and targets available for different levels and time spans. Created by professional coaches.


Keep track of your data and share your progress with your friends.

Live data & analysis

Maximize results with live feedback while you train and analyse your data afterwards


Follow your friends and share your data in the Tacx Cloud or Strava.


Train on your favourite device: PC, Mac, Android or iOS*!

All your data is stored in the Tacx Cloud and shared between your devices. On the cloud website ( you are able to take a view on all your data, analyse your progress, create workouts and share with friends. For training, please download and install the Tacx Training app to your mobile device (Android/iOS) or choose the Tacx Desktop app for Windows or OSX.

*Expected Q1 2018


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