IXON Space by Busch + Müller

The most powerful, multi-functional IXON

Busch + Müller presents their most powerful LED headlight with an integrated battery to date: IXON Space.

In its brightest mode, the IXON Space opens an extensive light field with 150 Lux (shines for over two hours) – far, wide, brilliant and homogenous as never before.

Integrated into the upper surface of the headlight is a digital touch slider that lets you flexibly regulate the ideal brightness in every situation with merely the soft touch of a finger. In its lowest mode (more than 10 Lux), IXON Space shines for approximately 30 hours. A digital display shines blue and shows the exact remaining light duration in each mode – alternatively a choice of remaining capacity in per cent or the current time.

The integrated lithium battery is charged comfortably via a micro-USB socket; a special fast charging mains adapter is included. The headlight can be switched into “power bank” mode. In this mode, the USB socket may be used to charge or power other mobile devices using the headlight’s battery.

A circumferential soft components protects IXON Space from shocks and makes it both splash- and rainwater-proof. Includes a universal mount for handlebar diameters from 22 to 32 mm. Approved for road use on all bicycles.

IXON Space, type 196

German SRP €199.00

Available 2017.


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