Airstrike DGT | BFP-26

Digital is the new analog.

BBB Cycling figured it would be best to take their Airstrike floorpump platform to the next level. The Airstrike DGT floorpump is the ultimate precision tool for every empty tire. This one should definitely be part of the basic equipment in every cyclists garage. It’s a technical masterpiece hidden in clean, but effective looks. The big display is easy to read and shows the amount of bar or psi to a maximum of 11 bar with a backlight for extra clear reading. The steel barrel has a length of 70 cm for easy and quick pumping. The TwistHead pumphead secures easily on most common valve system and lets you inflate your tires in the best possible way without releasing any air. All the energy you put in is transported to air in your tires. Digital really is the new analog.

Product specifications:

Extra long floor pump. Inflates to 11 bar / 160 psi.

Extremely accurate digital pressure gauge displays bar and psi.

TwistHead pumphead with air-release; Unique screw-on valve system fits Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves.

Ergonomic “boomerang” type handle. Natural pumping position for increased pumping power with kraton inserts for extra comfort.

Steel barrel with an overall length of 70 cm.

Steel foot for extra stability with rubber pad for floor grip and protection.

120 cm high pressure rubber hose.

Color: yellow.

Recommended retail price: €69,95


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