New Cervelo Aspero Gravel 2024 price weight colors assembly everything you need to know


Cervélo refines the Aspero gravel bike with an optimized frame, increased compliance and more mud clearance

Cervélo has unveiled the latest version of its Áspero gravel racing bike, which sports a number of evolutionary updates including a slimmer downtube and significantly lowered seatstays.

The new Áspero features select tube shapes typical of Cervélo, with many frame elements drawing inspiration from its road brethren.

Unlike most new bikes, Cervélo has reduced the Áspero's frame stiffness in some areas, claiming it improves performance.

Additionally, unlike many new gravel bikes for 2024 the geometry has been left largely unchanged.

The focus instead is on improved mud and crown clearance, along with changes to the shape of the frame designed to make the Áspero more agile and faster.

The most noticeable change is the thinner down tube, along with seatstays that run much further down the seat tube.

Another novelty is the new BBRight T47-A threaded bottom bracket.

For bicycles with mechanical drivetrains, Cervélo offers a new cable management system called "clippy clip", which facilitates the assembly of the bicycle and its periodic maintenance.

The cables do not run completely inside the stem, making it easier to maintain and transport the bike.

The new frame offers 7.4mm of mud clearance with a 700x42c tire, thanks to chainstays increased from 420mm to 425mm.

The wheelbase is just a millimeter longer at 56 cm.

The fork offers the same clearance and Cervélo has kept the switchable dropout that it calls Trail Mixer.

The Cervélo fork dropout insert alters the position of the fork offset fore and aft by 5mm horizontally.

Cervelo says this means the bike will feel the same with both a relatively thin tire on a 700c wheel, compared to a 42mm gravel tire.

Like the original Áspero, the new bike retains the three sets of water bottles, downtube protector and bento box holders on the top tube.

Mud removal on the transmission has also been improved. With a 46-tooth chainring, clearance is 2.7mm, 1.8mm with a 48-tooth chainring, and 3.2mm for a 52-tooth chainring.

The seatpost has a standard diameter of 27.2mm and is compatible with gravel dropper posts, while the rear dropout is now compatible with SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger.

Weight of the lightest version 8.5Kg.

Six sizes available.

The premium Áspero 5 model, with its lighter, stiffer frame and D-shaped seatpost, remains in the lineup.

These are the versions and prices:
Aspero Rival XPLR AXS. - Brain it
Groupset: SRAM Rival XPLR AXS, 12 speed
Rear wheel: Reserve 44
Recommended price: €5,799

Aspero GRX RX820. - Brain it
Groupset: Shimano GRX 820 12 speed
Recommended price: €4,899

Aspero Apex XPLR AXS. - Brain it

Groupset: SRAM Apex 1
Recommended price: €4,899

Aspero APEX XPLR 1. - Cervélo

Group: SRAM Apex
Recommended price: €3,599

Aspero GRX RX610. - Brain it

Groupset: Shimano GRX 610
Recommended price: €3,699

Aspero GRX RX610 1x. - Brain it

Groupset: Shimano GRX 610
Recommended price: €3,699

Aspero GRX RX400

Recommended price: €3,599

Cervelo Aspero frame. - Brain it

Recommended price: €2,799