Cervelo Soloist 2023, all you need to know before buying a new bike Cervelo Soloist 2023 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


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Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road test review Build quality

The Cervelo Soloist 2023 has a fairly high cost, the racing bike is well made, the frame very well made, but ultimately the value for money is sufficient.

There are no refined technical details, even if everything is well done.

The weight of the assembled bike is not very contained, even if lower than the Cervelo S5, which is not light ...

The availability of sizes is very good, as well as that of the assemblies, but a real top-of-the-range version is missing.




Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road Test Review Frame

The Cervelo Soloist is located halfway between the S5 and the R5, with a compromise that could convince many, or even disappoint.

The frame is well made, available in many sizes and various assemblies.

Well done, but without particular technical solutions, as well as the weight of the Ultegra Di2 assembled bike at the end is 8.1Kg, not a little for a 360-degree racing bike, not a little if it wants to be a plain aero bike.

The weight is one of its flaws, along with the fairly high price.



Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, one can certainly not complain.

The overall quality is good, but the prices are always slightly high, as is the weight.

However, there is not a big difference with the main competitors.

In addition, the well-made frame and the wide range of sizes are a plus to be taken into consideration.




Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road test Comfort review

The ride comfort is not very high, but by no means poor, better than the S5 and very close to the R5.

A good compromise, even if it remains a racing bike for well-paved roads.

For an athlete trained and used to rigid frames it is undoubtedly a comfortable bike, a simple cyclist would find it very uncomfortable.

Ultimately, however, it is not far from the more comfortable R5 and is a good compromise between ride comfort and frame stiffness on the plain.



Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road Test Review Guide

The Cervelo Soloist 2023 is a very manageable racing bike, easy and quick to enter into corners.

It does not have a heavy steering, always very light, never imprecise, but you need to keep the handlebar firmly at high speeds.

Excellent braking.

Not so sensitive to cross winds.

Very easy to drive on curvy routes, as well as on long, narrow mountain descents.

To get the most you need a minimum of experience, but it is a very competitive frame, with real racing driving, very reactive and fast.




Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road test review Performance

The relatively high weight slightly limits the overall performance of an otherwise great frame.

A pity that an assembly with the Sram Red Axs is not available.

The frame is very stiff and has good aerodynamics.

On hilly routes, full of small climbs and short descents, full of curves, it really gives its best and offers very competitive performance.

Equally competitive is the downhill performance.

On the other hand, the performance on the flat is good, while its only limit is the really hard climbs where the overall weight of the bike is felt, close to a normal aero racing bike.

It has its flaws, but overall it is a competitive frame, perhaps not quite at 360 degrees, struggling to keep up with lighter bikes uphill, but it redeems itself well in all other sectors.

A good compromise, winning in many ways.

Ultimately he only loses on really hard climbs.



Cervelo Soloist 2023 Road test review Pros and cons

The Cervelo Soloist 2023 is a very good racing bike, not cheap and not light.

A competitive bike on plains, hills and downhill runs less well on hard climbs.

Discreet ride comfort and good driving qualities.

The prices are slightly high, as is the weight, while the general quality is good.

Like all compromises, it either excites or disappoints.

The Cervelo Soloist is a competitive and multipurpose racing bike, the path that is faced, then, decrees its real competitiveness or not.


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