Cervelo S5 2024 road test ride review all you need to know (really), all you need to know before buying a new bike Cervelo S5 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


Cervelo S5 2024 Road test review Build quality

The Cervelo S5 has a high cost, but nothing is left to chance and like all Cervelo bicycles it is very well made and treated in detail.

Its uniqueness can be seen from the many components made exclusively for this model, impossible to find similarities with other competing bicycles.

The availability of sizes is very good.

The bicycle is undoubtedly expensive, but if nothing else there is also some real substance ...

Which then maybe does not translate into superior performance to other competitors, but it is "less smoke" than other bicycles.


Cervelo S5 2024 Road Test Review Frame

The Cervelo S5 is Cervelo's aero racing bike.

The new frame is a decisive evolution compared to the previous model and introduces some innovations, which will surely be enjoyed by the competitors.

The new aerobar and the internal cable routing is very well done, as well as the aerodynamic profile of the tubes and the new dimensions of the tires and wheels, differentiated between front and rear.

The weight of the frame is not contained and as well as of the bicycle assembled with the Sram Force AXS group, about 8.2kg ...

Not a little ...

However, the high build quality and the availability of sizes make it an excellent frame, but to be purchased carefully because the possibilities of adapting the position in the saddle are very limited.

It is a frame with which it is easy to get the wrong size.

Cervelo S5 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete and clearly aimed at obtaining high performance bicycles.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is very high.

Expensive bicycle, but always made with high quality products and regardless of savings.

The over 11000 Euros for the version assembled with the "simple" Sram Force AXS are still "crazy" ...

There is a limit to everything ... but some competitors do even worse ...

The fault is always of those who buy, never of those who propose ...


Cervelo S5 2024 Road test Comfort review

Talking about ride comfort on an aero bike and, moreover, on a model as specialized as this Cervelo S5 is out of place.

The bicycle is uncomfortable and uncomfortable, it takes great training and athletic ability to do a great ride with this bike.

You can hear everything, absolutely everything, every pebble or imperfection of the asphalt.

Typical behavior of these bicycles.

Getting off an endurance bike and getting on it can be very traumatic ...

Another reason why this bicycle should be purchased with a certain awareness of what you are buying.

Cervelo S5 2024 Road Test Review Guide

The Cervelo S5 is certainly not a light bicycle, it is difficult, then, to find the correct measure and set-up of the position in the saddle, you need knowledge, precision and ability, otherwise its potential is not exploited at all.

Rigid, very rigid in frame, it is a very safe, stable and precise bicycle.

Downhill it runs fast, a real "blade", but it is also difficult to manage, it does not absorb the bumpy, it must be driven, held steady, otherwise it jumps from one point to another on the road.

It requires commitment in driving, experience, but it pays off with lightning-fast cornering entries and lightning-fast changes of direction.

Excellent braking.

Overall a very high performance bike but not easy to ride and not for everyone.


Cervelo S5 2024 Road test review Performance

The heavy weight is the only limitation of this bike.

The frame is very rigid, at the top of the market.

Excellent aerodynamics.

On the flat and on a constant pace, performance is excellent and superior to any competitor.

In the hills it remains a competitive bike and loses only on the uphill, where the weight slows down the climbing speed.

A frame for powerful athletes who will be able to fully exploit it even uphill.

Downhill, nothing to say, it goes very fast.

For being an aero bike, it ranks at the top of its category.

A demonstration that this type of bicycles are not "dead", but correctly developed, they can allow performance far superior to traditional frames on certain routes.

Cervelo S5 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Cervelo S5 proved to be a very high performance aero racing bike.

A very competitive bike on the plains, hills and downhill.

It is not a comfortable and easy bike to ride.

It also has a reduced versatility and it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the frame, because the possibilities to customize the position in the saddle are reduced.

The prices are very high, as is the weight.

One of those bikes that you love or hate, but it is certainly a great aero bike, with top-of-the-range performance, perhaps even above the top ...

NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested