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ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Build quality

The Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 has a good value for money, good construction quality, and ultimately has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is equally well made.

Worth noting is the good availability of assemblies.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

The availability of sizes is also in line with its competitors.

Only the color range is limited, furthermore the purchase is online only and given the complexity of the ebike you must first make sure you have a cycle workshop that wants to carry out maintenance on this ebike, otherwise there are serious problems ...

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Frame

The new frame has been completely revised and has excellent build quality.

There are no notes to make, the availability of sizes is also good.

A frame with modern geometries, excellent for those who love steeper and more difficult descents, but also pedal uphill.

The Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 version has a weight of 19.5 kg and a price of approximately 6999 euros.

The value for money is good, the weight is good.

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete, although it could have been wider.

However, there are prices for everyone starting from around 5 thousand euros which for the type of ebike is an excellent price.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is high and in line with the purchase price.

In general, for the same price, the general quality is superior to its competitors.

The most expensive version, the Canyon Strive ON CFR LTD 2023, has an excellent assembly, battery and Bosch CX Race motor.

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Comfort

Excellent and it couldn't be otherwise given the wide suspension travel.

Impossible to do better.

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Guide

The Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 is a safe, easy to handle and fast e-mtb.

At medium-high speeds it is very easy to ride, while it becomes more difficult and requires experience at high speeds.

Very easy to handle, it enters corners quickly, changes direction easily, a very fast ebike on technical and narrow descents.

Easy and safe on the flat, it becomes slightly more difficult to ride uphill, due to the large suspension travel

If the route is not very technical, the ebike runs fast and safely, while on technical ascents with a high degree of difficulty it is less comfortable due to the high suspension travel.

Overall, however, it remains very fast, with high performance.

To give the best, everything must be tackled with great speed, letting the chassis and suspension do their job.

It is not an emtb for making climbs slowly, but for attacking them at speed and always finding yourself catapulted to the upper obstacle.

As mentioned, the downhill performance is excellent.

The suspension and brakes are equally excellent.

It's not cheap but it's a very good and overall excellent emtb.

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Performance

The Bosch SX engine and its battery ensure good power, performance and good autonomy, which exceeds 100 km with a minimum of management of the electric motor.

However, even using everything to the maximum and without saving, the battery ensures at least 60km of autonomy.

Excellent overall performance on every route.

Very fast on the flat with hard and compact surfaces.

On fast routes it keeps pace with ebikes that weigh much less.

The competitive engine, the excellent chassis and geometries lead to very competitive overall performance on any type of route.

An emtb with excellent performance, perhaps not easy to exploit.

The Canyon Strive On is not an easy and intuitive emtb like other ebikes, but it offers very high performance, especially downhill.

It should be noted, however, that "light" is only the name and remaining without assistance from the Bosch motor means remaining on foot or almost.

Like all other ebikes, you need to plan the route and manage the battery as best as possible, otherwise you'll be left stranded... in every sense.

ebike Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 off road test review Pros and cons

The Canyon Neuron ONFLY CF9 2024 is an excellent e-mtb.

A fine, reliable chassis with excellent performance, not easy to ride, especially uphill, but excellent overall.

It has an excellent quality/price ratio.

Its flaw is that it is only sold online and not everyone likes this sales formula. Furthermore, it is a complex ebike, with maintenance that must be carried out by expert personnel.

An ebike dedicated to downhill where it has very few rivals, but overall it goes strong everywhere.

Excellent engine performance Bosch.

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