Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 road test ride review strengths, weaknesses, problems, everything you need to know (really), all you need to know before buying a new bike Canyon Ultimate CFR di2 2024 strengths flaws performance opinions and much more!


Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road test review Build quality

Like all Canyon bikes, the build quality is high, well-made frame, well-finished assembly.

There is a wide range of assemblies and a good range of sizes.

Less well the availability of colors for the frame.

Rational racing bike, perhaps too anonymous, even in the graphics.

Excellent price, the best ever in its category.

Selling only online has its advantages ...

But also its disadvantages, such as assistance ... 



Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road Test Review Frame

The Canyon Ultimate 2024 frame has been further refined, stiffer, lighter.

Excellent range of sizes.

The availability of the frame kit is also excellent.

Equally excellent is the choice of 650B wheels for the XS and 2XS frames, depending on the type of frame (CFR, SLX and SL).

Overall, nothing has been left to chance and everything is well done.

Excellent weight, the top-of-the-range version drops to 6.3Kg. 


Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, always with an excellent value for money.

There is no wide color gamut, which is the only downside.

But from just over 2500 euros to just over 10 thousand euros everyone can find the racing bicycle suitable for their financial resources.

Obviously, between the cheaper version and the top-of-the-range version, name aside, everything changes ...

The value for money, for each proposed set-up, is excellent. 



Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road test Comfort review

The ride comfort is not the best of this chassis.

It's not an uncomfortable racing bike, but it can't be called comfortable.

Compared to the past there are no obvious signs of improvement, but it is not the most uncomfortable racing bike around.

Long outings are therefore feasible.

The ride comfort is in line with the best competitors in the sector. 


Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road Test Review Guide

A real racing bike.

Very reactive, easy to handle, quick to enter corners and changes of direction.

It is not very affected by crosswinds, but at high speeds it must be driven with a certain determination.

In the same way it is necessary to decide and handlebar firmly when passing on damaged asphalt sections.

Even downhill you need experience and decision because the steering is sensitive to every stress.

With a little experience you can make the most of the full potential of this frame.

Excellent uphill and braking behavior.

In general it is a bike that requires some riding experience but with very high performance. 



Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road test review Performance

The new Canyon Ultimate 2024 has absolute top performance among racing bikes.

Uphill is one of the best bikes on the market today, light, fast, with superior performance to all other competitors.

Performance on the plains and hills is also good and competitive.

It gives its best uphill and downhill, it is unrivaled in these two sectors.

It defends itself well in the hills, while it suffers the long stretches on the flat, where other more rigid and aerodynamic frames do better.

Overall an absolute top performance racing bike. 


Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 Road test review Pros and cons

The Canyon Ultimate CFR Dura Ace di2 2024 proved to be a top racing bike on the market, with a great price and performance often superior to the best rivals.

Excellent climbing bike, it also goes well on the plains and hills.

It requires some driving experience to get top performance, but otherwise everything is great.

Excellent price and general quality.

The only flaw is the online sale, but if this is not a problem it is one of the best racing bikes you can have.


NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested