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Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Build quality

The Canyon Neuron CF 2024 has an excellent value for money, excellent build quality, and ultimately has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is made just as well.

The wide availability of assemblies should be noted.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

The availability of sizes is also good.

Only the color range is limited, the only drawback of a perfect picture, or almost.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Frame

The new frame has been completely revised, available in different types of carbon and also aluminum, has an excellent build quality.

There are no notes to make, the availability of sizes is also excellent.

Like other products with high travel, it is a frame intended mainly for downhill, with a relatively high weight, but in line with the competitors.

The Canyon Neuron CF9 2024 version has a weight of 13kg and a price of around 4999 euros.

These data place it at the top of the category in terms of price-quality-weight ratio.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is very complete, with prices for every "pocket".

The build and assembly quality, in each version, is high, but clearly between the top range and entry level there is an abyss in terms of performance, but also in terms of price.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Comfort

Very valid, one of the best full mtb in this respect.

On the other hand it is impossible to do more.

In this respect one of the best mtb ever.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Guide

The Canyon Neuron CF 2024 is a mountain bike that prefers downhill, but it is still a mountain bike that is pleasant to ride.

A handy bike, but not difficult to drive.

In the pedaled sections it is extremely easy to ride, it remains intuitive and safe, never demanding.

Uphill the good work of the rear suspension emerges, which allows for good traction.

The relatively low weight allows fast and profitable ascents.

The traction offered by the rear wheel is excellent.

Downhill it is an excellent mtb, easy to handle, fast, safe.

It never gets in trouble, despite being very fast.

Even at high speeds it is always safe, easy to drive.

Of course, to obtain high downhill performance you always need experience and riding skills, but among the mtb dream bikes it is one of the easiest to ride even at high speeds.

Excellent braking and really good suspension.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Performance

The competitive weight, the excellent frame, the geometry and the suspension lead to very competitive overall performance on all types of routes.

An all-round mtb, fast on the plains, defends itself well uphill and has great potential downhill.

It doesn't have a real weak point, it's always a high performance mtb.

Only on the toughest climbs can the weight be felt, but only in comparison with mtb with less travel.

A high performance mtb perfect for those who go fast downhill, but also want a competitive mtb on the plains and uphill.

Canyon Neuron CF 2024 off road test review Pros and cons

The Canyon Neuron CF 2024 is a great mtb with a point and competitive frame.

It has an excellent value for money.

Its defect is not the build quality, or the price or the performance, all elements at the top of the market.

Unfortunately it is only sold online and not everyone likes this sales formula.


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