2024 Canyon Spectral off road test review everything you need to know






Canyon Spectral 2024: Full Test, In-Depth Review, Real Opinions, Strengths and Flaws


The 2024 Canyon Spectral represents a true force of nature in the mountain bike scene. With its versatility and excellent performance, this bike is the ideal choice for a wide range of bikers, from trail riding lovers to the most demanding agonists.

Test and Review:

Uphill and downhill performance:

The Spectral shines both uphill and downhill. Its progressive geometry, characterized by an open steering angle and a compact rear stay, guarantees exceptional agility and maneuverability. The bike climbs easily even on the most technical terrain, thanks to its low weight and efficient suspension system. Downhill, the Spectral offers precise control and impeccable stability, allowing the rider to tackle even the most challenging trails with confidence.

High level components:

The Spectral is equipped with the highest quality components, which enhances its performance and makes it reliable in any condition. The Shimano XT group offers precise and smooth shifting, while the Fox suspension guarantees excellent damping and fine tuning to adapt to each rider's preferences. The choice of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes guarantees flawless braking power in any situation.

A customizable driving experience:

The Spectral offers various customization possibilities to best adapt to the needs of each rider. The rear shock absorber is equipped with a flip chip adjustment system that allows you to modify the height of the rear stay and the steering angle, varying the behavior of the bike based on the type of terrain being tackled. Plus, the Spectral is compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as racks and bags, to suit any type of adventure.


Versatility: suitable for different disciplines and terrains

Agile and agile uphill

Stable and precise when descending

High-end components

Attractive and modern design

Possibility of customization


High price
Sale online only.

Lack of some accessories, such as the rear mudguard

Fork not up to par with the rest of the components


The 2024 Canyon Spectral is a top-of-the-line mountain bike that offers excellent performance and a unique riding experience. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of riders, while the high-level components guarantee reliability and durability over time. The high price may be a deterrent for some, in addition to the online-only sale.

In summary:





High-end components




Limited accessories

Fork not up to par
Sale online only.

Everything you need to know:

The Spectral is available in 5 models, with prices starting from €4,999

The recommended size is based on the rider's height

The bike is compatible with various accessories, such as racks and bags

It is important to follow the instructions in the bike maintenance manual