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BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Build quality

The BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 has an excellent overall build quality, it doesn't cost cheap but the frame is well made, the availability of sizes is good, while it's a shame that the color range is limited.

The assembly is excellent overall, but we would have expected a lower weight, 7kg, from a bike that costs 15 thousand euros.

Worth noting is the notable difference in price, weight and performance between the top of the range and the entry level, which still costs around 8 thousand euros.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Frame

The BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 is a completely new, stiffer, lighter, aerodynamic frame.

Everything is very well made, like the new aerobar, the internal cable routing.

The weight of the frame, with the top of the range assembly, is competitive, around 7 kg, with competing aero bikes, but rises in the other versions.

The price-to-weight ratio is not very advantageous, just as other aero bikes cost and weigh less.

Even though it's not exactly a bargain, the quality/price/performance ratio is still good.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Assemblies

The assembly range of the BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 is complete, from a high-end racing bike perspective, with prices that remain high and above the market average.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is however more than excellent.

It's a shame that prices remain high and, in the eyes of many, not very justified.

It's not a bike for everyone.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Comfort

Along with the high price, ride comfort is one of the negative points of the 2024 BMC TeamMachine R 01.

It is not a granfondo bike, it is a rigid and not very comfortable bicycle in absolute terms, but in line with its other direct competitors.

It is a racing bike for professionals and agonists, comfort takes second or third place...

A reason why this bicycle must be purchased with a certain conscience and that it remains a bike intended for the competitor, not very suitable for the amateur.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Guide

The BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 is a high-performance bicycle, light in the top-of-the-range configuration, stiff, reactive, fast, but certainly not easy and intuitive to ride.

You can clearly feel the rigidity of the frame and its high aerodynamic performance, but it is a very easy to handle bike, quick to enter corners, responsive.

The stretches of ruined asphalt must be tackled with determination, holding the handlebars firmly and firmly controlling the bicycle.

Even downhill and at high speeds, decision, experience and "cold blood" are needed to always maintain the correct trajectory.

It's not one of those bikes that drives itself...

Good braking.

In short, a high-performance chassis, but which requires commitment and experience in driving.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Performance

The new BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 is undoubtedly a high-performance bike in its top-of-the-range version, light, rigid, aerodynamic.

Excellent performance on plains and hills.

Very good even uphill, its weight is in fact competitive with many uphill bikes.

It is clearly not a pure climbing bike, but it defends itself well, especially if there is a powerful athlete riding it who is able to make good use of the rigidity of his frame.

It is not a bike for light athletes, but for fast and powerful cyclists.

As an aero bike it is much stiffer than other competitors, less versatile, but it pays off with excellent performance on flats and hills.

Clearly a racing bike intended for professional or semi-professional athletes, triathletes and lovers of circuit racing.

Downhill, nothing to say, it goes very fast, you just need to have excellent driving skills, otherwise it is not at all easy to drive and can even be "scary" due to its sudden reactions.

A lightweight, high-performance aero bike.

It loses some in the very hard climbs, but otherwise it is a winner on almost every route.

It can be an ideal choice in races with a lot of flat terrain and some difficult climbs, on these routes it is the best.

BMC TeamMachine R 01 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 BMC TeamMachine R 01 has proven to be a competitive and well-intended aero racing bike.

It goes very well in long races, with a lot of flat terrain, but also with some nice climbs.

On these routes it is a very competitive racing bike, it combines excellent performance on the flats with good performance uphill.

It is not a comfortable or easy bike to ride.

The defect? the high price, perhaps too much for what it really offers.

Then it is not an easy and intuitive bicycle to ride.

In some respects it is not even a multi-purpose bicycle

you, it's only good in the race...

It's not a bike for leisurely outings with friends...

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