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Many new Orbea for 2014, some already may know, others arrive at Eurobike and by the end of 2013, when the range Orbea 2014 road and mountain biking will be completely defined.

Waiting to see the other innovations that await us, here in detail the range 2014 Orbea Road and Mtb, so far presented.




Orbea Road 2014


Orbea Orca 2014: only the name remains the same, but it changes everything. New fork, new frame with new BB386 bottom bracket, new rear triangle, new FSA components, the new internal cable routing. Increased rigidity and reduced weight. Aligned to the previous model for the price. Unique colour Team Replica.


Orbea Orca Silver 2014: model of the same technical updates Gold version; also new graphics, assembly and colours.


Orbea Orca Bronze 2014: new colours and assemblies, present the female version called Dama.


Orbea Avant 2014: new bike for GF, with excellent long-distance comfort and high performance. The frame is equipped with disc brakes or traditional (as in photo) with the rear brake positioned under the bottom bracket. The seatpost has a reduced diameter for better comfort. A long rear triangle, always to improve ride comfort, as well as the higher head tube. Internal cable routing. Competitive prices with the best competitors.


Orbea Aqua 2014: the frame remains unchanged but receives new graphics and assemblies, also a female version called Dama.


Orbea Ordu 2014: recently renewed, frame Time Trial remains unchanged.




Orbea Mountain Bike 2014


Orbea Oiz 2014: the Oiz remains unchanged in technique but receives new colours and assemblies.


Orbea Occam 26er 2014: also Occam 26er remains unchanged, always available in two versions, with aluminum or carbon, new graphics and assemblies.


Orbea Occam 29er 2014: the Occam 26er remains available in two versions, with aluminum or carbon, new graphics and assemblies.


Orbea Alma 29 and 26er 2014: are offered with the hydroformed aluminum frame, internal cable, new graphics and assemblies, new version Alma Lady for women.


Orbea MX 2014: new Mtb bike with aluminum frame geometry and more comfortable than the models Alma. Always very nice the internal cable, perfect graphics and painting, bright or dull, will be offered in different assemblies, with extremely competitive prices.


Orbea Sport 26 and 29er 2014: new range of Mtb more oriented to multi-purpose use, trekking, city, tourism. Characterized by a comfortable geometry and entry level prices very competitive.




Orbea Trekking 2014


Orbea Comfort 26 and 28 2014: a whole range of bike trekking in different sizes for men or women, with different assemblies and colours.


Orbea Travel 2014: range for touring or city proposals version man or woman. There is also the electric version (Travel Electric) with Bionx motor.




Orbea Urban 2014


Orbea BMX 2014: the all-new BMX bike with a new frame and different colours.


Orbea Dude 2014: the bike Orbea Dude has been updated in the colours.


Orbea Carpe 2014: the city bike has been updated in the colours and components, is now available with V-brakes or disc. In addition there is also a version with electric motor Bionx.


Orbea Boulevard 2014: the city bikes to excellence receives new components and colours.


Orbea Folding 2014: new range of folding bikes, available in two different assemblies.




Orbea Kids 2014


Orbea Mx 2014: new mtb bike for kids in different colours and wheels 20 and 24 inches.


Orbea Grow 2014: essentially unchanged with the little kids bike wheels 12, 16 and 20 inches.




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