New Syncros Capital SL carbon wheels 2023 2024 price weight data sheet review all you need to know


More than the sum of its parts, every element of the all-new Capital SL wheels has been designed to function as part of a greater "System for Speed". The monocoque carbon design offers a lighter, stronger and more responsive feel that will drive riders faster on both road and gravel. Faster acceleration, quicker cornering, better handling and unreal aerodynamic performance all come on a wheelset that barely tips the scales at 1170g for the Capital SL and 1290g for the Capital SL Aero.


Implementing a system with low inertia, drag and rolling resistance would not be possible without the right technology. Our innovative patented one-shot manufacturing technique is the best way to make the fastest wheel on the market. Utilizing the full potential of available carbon fiber material properties and a new manufacturing process, the monocoque construction system delivers the best carbon fiber wheelset.


When it comes to accelerating or sprinting, the ability to spin your wheels faster in less time is a key competitive advantage. Our unique modern construction process reduces overall weight and shifts weight from the outside of the wheel, near the rim, to the inside of the wheel, near the hub. Providing lower rotational inertia means less power for the rider when it's time to pick up speed. Capital SL wheels show a 20% reduction in rotational inertia compared to traditional carbon wheels.


Optimizing stiffness is closely related to a rider's handling feel and as such is an area of concern. We worked drastically on this key component to ensure the best performance and feel in all riding conditions.

As a result of our patented Monocoque Wheel System (MWS) technology and our unique pre-tension process, we can achieve a precisely defined spoke tension delivering a livelier and more responsive wheel, whether descending or ascending your mountain pass favorite. Unlike traditional spoke binding, the Capital SL's spoke fibers start directly from the rim and run from the rim over the flange to the other side of the rim as they are woven together at the intersection, increasing and optimizing torsional stiffness The rim and spoke are a single piece. Our carbon spokes weigh less than traditional steel spokes but are 35% stronger. This translates into better and more precise handling of the bike in any riding condition.


Looking at aerodynamic drag, the Capital SL wheels offer extraordinary performance. From the outset, a wide range of driving conditions were considered: driving speeds, wind speeds and wind direction were all factored into our calculations. With the one-piece carbon construction, overall drag was reduced by about 7% compared to our benchmark. Since Capital SL wheels have been developed considering the wheel as a system including the tire and its rolling resistance, we have also found the best compromise between low aerodynamic resistance and rolling resistance, even with a larger tire section. The result is that the Capital SLs are faster than competitors equipped with narrower tires and offer the best handling in any wind situation.


With a hookless design, the rim structure is improved resulting in a stronger and lighter rim. From an aerodynamic point of view, the absence of the hooks leads to a smoother transition from the tire to the rim, reducing aerodynamic drag. The hookless heel offers increased impact protection and reduces pinch flats, especially for gravel use. The 25mm internal width is optimized for the best compromise between aerodynamic drag and reduced rolling resistance with wider tires. Capital SL wheels are ETRTO compliant.


Capital SL wheels have been developed considering the wheel as a system that includes the tire and its rolling resistance. This has led to the adaptation of wider tires that offer less rolling resistance. Obviously, a wider tire and rim combination provides more sail area than a narrower trim. This impact is particularly important for the front wheel as it is the first point of attack for the wind. The rear wheel and tire are mostly isolated from yours wind, thanks to the bike frame and the movement of the legs. Considering these different behaviors, the goal was to develop a specific front and rear tire together with an expert partner like Schwalbe. The all-new Pro One Aero front tire is designed with the most aerodynamic shape on modern rims, while the Pro One Aero rear tire is dedicated to low rolling resistance with plenty of durability.




Aerodynamic Performance - 7% aero drag savings
· Faster Acceleration - 20% less rotational inertia compared to competitors
Faster cornering and better handling
Hookless Technology
Rim depth : 40mm (Capital SL), 60mm (Capital SL Aero)
Weight : 1170g (Capital SL), 1290g (Capital SL Aero)
Price not disclosed, but we believe the pair is around 4,000 euros