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New Fulcrum Wind 42 and Fulcrum Wind 57 2024 racing bike wheels price weight technical data sheet full review



With the new Wind 42 and 57, Fulcrum continues its evolution towards the future, which sees its declination in Form, Function, Fulcrum, in which form and function are inextricably linked concepts.

Wind 42 and 57 are designed with the aim of balancing performance and comfort, ensuring fluid handling and a versatile product. The new Wind wheels are suitable not only for purely road use, but also for light off-road use (ASTM 2 category of use), enhancing driving pleasure even off busy roads. A project that meets the various variations that are increasingly establishing themselves in the use of road bicycles.

Wind 42 and 57 inherit many of Fulcrum's proprietary technologies from the Speed family - top of the road range in terms of performance - to offer a superior riding feeling compared to the previous generation.

Handling improves up to +22% and reactivity up to +10%* for a versatile and comfortable product, suitable for the modern cyclist.

Among the most evident aspects, the height of the rims increases to 42 and 57 mm with a 23 mm internal channel, while the graphics are totally new and follow the new Fulcrum Form Function stylistic canons, with an essential and at the same time refined design , which integrates all the technical product information thanks to the new iconography.



The Wind rims have grown in height and also in width compared to the previous generation. At the same time, however, the overall weight has been reduced, thanks to the use of a new mix of carbon fibers and a new arrangement of the same inside the mould.

The 40 and 55 mm versions leave room for the 42 and 57 mm profiles, with a 23mm internal channel to better support more generous tires that have also established themselves on the road and which offer better performance in terms of smoothness and comfort.

The design of the rim is identical to that of the older sisters Speed 42 and 57, while the mix of fibers used changes. In fact, Wind uses the FF80 mix, which has made it possible to save an average of 100 grams per pair compared to the previous generation of Wind.

The weight is 1,510 g for the Wind 42 and 1,585 g for the Wind 57mm.

The nose of the rim has also been enlarged and now has a radius of 9.5 mm, guaranteeing better aerodynamic performance as well as an improvement in overall handling.

The DRSC™ patented system is used in the construction of the rim: a specific plastic insert drowned in carbon near the nipples, which ensures greater strength and durability to the system, discharging the nipple tension over a wider area and avoiding potential situations of corrosion galvanic.

The rim channel has no holes thanks to MOMAG assembly technology, which allows you to have a native 2-WAY FIT™ Tubeless rim, without the need for any sealing tape, and in the presence of a traditional Hook, guarantees maximum compatibility with all the tube-type and tubeless tires on the market and maximum safety for the cyclist.

The internal finish of the rim is made using C-LUX™ technology and is therefore glossy, to ensure an agile and perfect fit with the tire thanks to the centesimal tolerances on the geometry of the rim that this technology allows to achieve, while the external finish of the rim is opaque. Part of the graphics are laser cut to give a more modern look, and are completed with reflective stickers to increase visibility in low light conditions.

The coupling of the tire to the rim is clearly at the discretion of the user and varies according to the configuration of the bike and the type of route chosen. The new Wind family leaves a wide choice, guaranteeing compatibility with a range of covers ranging from 25 mm to 45 mm. Fulcrum recommends tires from 28 to 30 mm for exclusively road courses, while from 32 to 35 mm for mixed courses.


Double thickness stainless steel spokes and round section Ø 2.0, 1.8, 2.0 are used, coupled with self-locking aluminum nipples, to ensure constant performance over time.

The spoking is made with the Two-to-One™ pattern, which provides for the doubling of the spokes in the areas subject to greater stress to avoid energy dispersion and counteract the twisting force. The spokes are crossed on both sides and never touch each other, to avoid rubbing and deformation, keeping the mechanical characteristics unchanged over time.

The hub is made from a forging to offer greater mechanical resistance to the forces acting on it. The sealed bearings work on an integral axle which allows them to be adjusted using the appropriate

the preload ring nut, to minimize wear and ensure excellent smoothness.

The freewheel rack has been strengthened and enlarged and now houses 36 teeth. The wheel is available in configurations with Campagnolo N3W, Shimano HG and Sram XDR bodies.

The Wind family, with the brand new 42 and 57 versions, is ultimately Fulcrum's proposal for the modern user looking for a versatile, high-performance wheel with the aim of guaranteeing distinctive riding pleasure.

* A specific research path conducted by Fulcrum defined a formula that considers the energy dissipated by the wheel during a change of direction and the flexural deformation as a function of roll and inclination. The data obtained confirms that the handling and reactivity of the new Wind 42 and 57 improve overall compared to the previous generation of Wind 40 and 55.

HANDLING +21% Wind 42, +22% Wind 57

REACTIVITY +5% Wind 42, +10% Wind 57

Form Function Fulcrum





1,510 g WIND 42

1.585g WIND 57

WIND 42 (available immediately)

€1,415.00 (HG11), €1,424.00 (XDR), €1,420.00 (N3W)

$1,614.00 (HG11), $1,625.00 (XDR), $1,620.00 (N3W)

£1,249.99 (HG11), £1,249.99 (XDR), £1,249.99 (N3W)

WIND 57 (available from October '23)

€1,436.00 (HG11), €1,445.00 (XDR), €1,441.00 (N3W)

$1,638.00 (HG11), $1,649.00 (XDR), $1,644.00 (N3W)

£1,249.99 (HG11), £1,249.99 (XDR), £1,249.99 (N3W)