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Valentino Rossi presented his new range of VR46 emtb.

Here the official press release and the declarations of Valentino Rossi and all the main partners of the project:



“Mental strength is part of character, it cannot be studied at the table. You are strong in the head if you manage to remain calm and have fun even when things don't go well, and if you manage to never lose faith in yourself and in teamwork."

Valentino Rossi

VR46 E-MTB was born from the spirit of competition and confrontation with oneself and others, but above all from the desire to test one's riding skills in all off-road terrain conditions.

The attention to detail that leaves nothing to chance is the sensation that strikes as soon as you cross the entrance gate of the Valentino Rossi Ranch in Tavullia. Having already become a sacred place for the world of sport and beyond, the Ranch has a dominant but pure and sincere personality, which leaves no room for choice in comparison with oneself and others. Behind every bend and every straight stretches the spirit of competition and the VR|46 character, on a dirt road which, while testing the abilities of those who travel it, leaves room for the imagination of the riders, and which is the inspiration of the VR46 E- MTB.

The project

VR46 E-MTB is the first e-mtb conceived between Tavullia and Bologna and is a dual-suspension enduro e-bike capable of offering a smooth ride and high control downhill and cornering, through careful study in the design and the choice of cutting-edge technical solutions.

Platum and VR|46 present a premium electric bike, designed to satisfy even the most demanding bike riders thanks to the Made in Italy design quality and the care in the choice of components, selected directly with the parent companies of the most important and prestigious brands in the cycle sector through the main European distributors. In fact, important players in bike and electric components such as Bosch, Pirelli, Sram/Rock Shox, Fulcrum, Ohlins, Crankbrothers, Technomousse and Ochain are participating in the project.

The project was developed by Platum's research and development team, which dealt with the engineering and design of the frame and the bike, working in the Italian Motor Valley, the industrial and cultural district of Emilia-Romagna known internationally as cradle of some of the most renowned automotive brands in the world.

VR46 E-MTB is launched on the market in two versions:

· VR46 E-MTB Limited, production in 46 numbered pieces and signed by Valentino Rossi
VR46 E-MTB Pro

Each version will be available in two sizes, M and L.

The Frame

The heart of the project is the 6061 - T6 hydroformed aluminum frame entirely studied and designed in Italy, following a careful prototyping phase, divided into three moments:

· 3D printing in plastic material;
· Aluminum CNC, with first field test;
· production hydroformed pipes.

The frame thus developed was then subjected to structural tests to verify its resistance to mechanical stress. Before reaching the production stage, two samples of the bikes were tested in the field.

The VR46 E-MTB frame combines a unique design and innovative technological choices. Particular attention has been given to the geometric dimensions and in particular to the saddle, designed in a forward position to guarantee an excellent riding position even with prohibitive slopes. Combined with an important reach share, this solution offers full stability even on the most technical descents.

Optimal downhill performance as well as great stability and support for the rider on the steepest climbs are ensured by the kinematic study of the compression curve. Furthermore, thanks to the flipchip system positioned on the lower fulcrum of the shock absorber, it is possible to transform the geometry of the bike, passing from a performing All-Mountain to a competitive E-Enduro. It is in fact possible to vary the steering angle from 65.5° to 64.5°, as well as lowering the bottom bracket by a good 12mm to the full advantage of downhill performance.

Some elements of the frame, such as the boxed engine attachment plate, have been designed by taking up typical solutions from the world of motorcycles. It was also chosen to use large bearings together with oversized through axles to the full advantage of the torsional rigidity of the whole frame.

The cable passage is integrated into the frame to ensure protection from possible impacts and not affect the design of the bike, completing the design choices that make the VR46 E-MTB a new reference in the panorama of modern e-bikes on the market.

The Design

The genesis of the VR46 E-MTB design tells of the natural transition of the VR|46 brand towards a high-tech and sustainable future, as well as well anchored to an unrepeatable success story

athletes and a human heritage of great depth.

The shapes of the frame and the elements are drawn forward without however being elusive. The section of the triangle contracts strongly near the fork tube, as if to suggest the menacing shape of a centaur ready to spring forward. The alignment of the triangle profile with the rear end is perceptible in its entirety from the handlebar to the rear wheel hub, thanks also to an exceptionally short and tight seat tube that contributes to the overall tension of the lines.

The enlargement of the triangle in the portion close to the steering head is especially appreciable if observed from above and therefore from the driving position, the position where the greatest emotions are felt. The shape, obtained through a play on edges and surfaces, is a reference to the typical shape of the motorcycle tank. The connecting rod has been the subject of particular stylistic attention, the play of taut nerves is also emphasized on this structural element.

The Partners

“In VR|46 Racing Apparel we have already embarked on an evolutionary path some time ago which will see the birth of projects whose objective is the creation of performance oriented products – comments Carlo Alberto Tebaldi, CEO of VR|46 -. We have been wanting to expand our offer for some time and enter the world of cycling, especially off-road, and in fact the first project with which we begin this journey is the one with MT Distribution, a partner with the characteristics and know-how necessary to face a project that reflects our expectations. So from next season we will be able to offer two VR46 bike models engineered by MT Distribution using high-level components.”

“We are thrilled to have given life to an all-Italian project with VR|46 that involves the leaders of the e-bike sector – explains Alessandro Summa, CEO of Platum -. Performance and passion are the values that guide this collaboration, in which our Group confirms itself as a research and development platform, thanks to the engineering and design skills in the field of e-mobility. We strongly believe in the ever-increasing importance of the e-bike market in Italy and in the world, and in the opportunity that our company and the brands represented can seize, reaffirming also in the electric sector the centrality that Italy holds in the production of high-end muscle bikes. high-end, by virtue of that know-how and style that distinguish our country and the Italian spirit in the world.”

“VR46 E-MTB is a project that winks at the future with particular attention to high quality components and sophisticated technology – comments Federica Cudini, Country Marketing Manager Bosch eBike Systems -. The decision to equip the new VR46 E-MTB e-bikes with the new Bosch intelligent system is the clear desire to offer bikers a cutting-edge riding experience that is natural, comfortable and connected, but above all amuse. In fact, with the new system, the e-bike will be able to be increasingly customized: support strength, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum traction torque can be flexibly adapted to your needs and tastes.

“FULCRUM is happy to participate in such an important project with its line of products dedicated to e-MTBs – comments Federico Gardin, Marketing Manager of Fulcrum Wheels -. A project that was born specifically to build a wheel totally dedicated to the world of electric mountain bikes and its needs. A design that starts from the single component to create a performing and reliable complete wheel, perfectly in line with the VR46 E-MTB project.”

“Our headquarters are a stone's throw from Tavullia – explains Elisa Andreani, Andreani Group Operations Director of Ohlins – and we breathe the air of competition every day because Ohlins is synonymous with performance and quality. We are very happy to be part of the VR|46 e-bike project by supplying the suspension kit for the Limited Edition model. We have been engaged in tuning and assistance for years and we want to stay alongside VR|46 e-bike products for as long as possible.”

We are very proud to be part of the VR46 E-MTB project, inspired by a legend who wrote history in the world of two wheels – comments Gaspare Licata, CEO of Crankbrothers -. Synthesis wheels have been designed to improve the performance of the e-mountain bike: thanks to the specific construction of the two wheels, the front ensures greater control when cornering while the rear guarantees maximum speed when exiting or on straights

“We are honored and proud to be part of this prestigious project, not only because, like VR|46, we have our roots in Motorsport, but also because we share a 360° vision of the world of two wheels – explains Oscar Gnali, CEO of Technomousse –. The excellence of Made in Italy and the

The constant search for the best performance leads us to always face new challenges and we are happy to share this new adventure with VR|46 by supplying our Green Constrictor mousses for the Limited Edition model, an anti-puncture system that guarantees absolute protection of the rim even under the most extreme conditions.”


The price should start from around 7,000 euros and reach around 12,000 euros for the top-of-the-range version