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From spring 2022, the colours “CARBON GREY“ and “PURPLE ROSE“ as well as the “World Networking Pattern“ will be going on sports vacations and bike trips around the globe. The “Colours of Travelling“ concept represents the influences, encounters and experiences on trips which mean so much to EVOC. The products inspired hereby will enable others to experience the EVOC spirit.

The MULTICOLOUR editions of the highly functional luggage in “CARBON GREY“ and “PURPLE ROSE“ with the gleaming “World Networking Pattern“ print will be available at retailers from spring 2022. This pattern visualizes the connection to places, communities and individual people that EVOC has been lucky enough to encounter through biking among other things. It is an homage to friendships and relationships that have developed through sports travel - irrespective of nationality and cultural background.

The BIKE BAG PRO will enable you to take the MULTICOLOUR tour to even remoter trails and destinations. All your really vital gear will find its place in the TRAIL PRO 16 or the STAGE 6. Also always on board: the WASH POUCH for loads of personal hygiene items and more freshness; The WORLD TRAVELLER 125, the modern interpretation of a wardrobe suitcase; The TERMINAL BAG 40 + 20, a hand-luggage-sized trolley with detachable backpack; the MISSION 28 and MISSION 22, ideal backpacks for digital nomads; as well as the WASH BAG and the TRAVEL CASE for all essential travel documents.






No matter if your destination is uncharted trails, endless winding mountain roads, or a gravel Eldorado, the sturdy and lightweight bike bag will protect any bike on the journey there. The adjustable BIKE STAND PRO, which is included, enables you to mount all bikes up to 29“ securely within the bag and the FRAME PAD offers additional frame protection. Once the bike is secured, the highly visible red straps help lash the bike firmly in place. The detached wheels are stored in the separate exterior wheel bags which offer supplementary protection for the brake discs. The bag’s specific geometry and the reinforced top section protect the bike perfectly from external forces, while aluminium slide rails at the bottom offer increased stability. The smooth-rolling skate wheels and the lower handle help the bag to glide effortlessly through airport terminals or train stations. The extra wheel that can be mounted on the handle will let you navigate the bag to the luggage belt on three wheels.


The lightweight champion among protector backpacks with the LITESHIELD PLUS back protector (EN 1621-2, level 2) sits snugly and firmly in place and is ideal for short day trips and extended trail adventures. The removable, ultra-lightweight and flexible back protector absorbs 95% of the impact energy in the case of a crash. If it is damaged after an especially hard crash, EVOC will replace it free of charge. The 3D formed back pads ensure perfect ventilation even on the most action-packed rides. In addition, the lowered neck section and the even weight distribution enabled by the extra-wide hip wings offer a superior fit. In order to further enhance the individual fit, the belt is flexibly and easily adjustable and the padded shoulder straps adapt to the wearer’s shoulder width. In addition to the included rain cover, your phone, keys or energy bars all find their place in the large zippered belt pockets. The tool compartment in the front can be opened and closed completely with only one hand and the lateral compression straps let you adapt the volume of the TRAIL PRO to what you’re actually carrying.


The compact bike backpack offers space for all essentials on shorter enduro rides. The back pads with interior pad elements covered by mesh offer ample ventilation on even the most exhausting rides. Flexible BRACE LINK connectors in the shoulder area offer improved freedom of movement while the straps adapt perfectly to the individual shoulder anatomy. the exterior zippered compartment makes it easy so sort and transport tools or provisions and keeps them within easy reach at all times. In order to ensure adequate hydration on hard rides or hot days, the backpack is fitted with a separate interior compartment for a 2-liter bladder. Whenever necessary, the integrated helmet carrier can be rolled out from its compartment to carry xc as well as full face helmets.


This hip bag lets you carry provisions and tools compactly on trails or roads while hardly even noticing it. The special padding system reduces the contact area between the bag and your back, hereby eliminating friction and ensuring optimal ventilation. The VENTI FLAP system lets you easily loosen the bag on hard ascents in order to further increase air circulation and quickly pull it tight for a snug fit on gnarly downhill runs. The flexible and adjustable belt offers superior comfort and the zippered belt pockets provide quick access to your phone, energy bars, etc. any time during the ride. The HIP PACK PRO 3’s main compartment offers space for a hydration system up to 1,5 liter. Spare inner tubes and multi tools can be easily stored in the front tool compartment with the foldout flap and zippered compartment for small items. On either side of the main compartment are flexible bottle holders with additional elastic securing straps. Should the sun set after a long ride, there is a mount for an additional rear light.


The lightweight and highly ventilated belt pack is perfect for bringing all essentials on short rides. The ultra-flexible belt system makes this replacement for jersey pockets very comfortable to wear, easily adjustable and quick to remove. The mid section houses the included 550 ml water bottle where it is always easy to reach with either hand. Provisions, tools and phone all find their place in the two zippered pockets incorporated in the extra wide hip wings.


The wash bag makes it very easy to organise and transport loads of fresh makers. The compartment layout is adaptable and offers spacious versatility as well as an extra zippered mesh pocket, so all your toiletries are always where you want them while you are on the go. The WASH POUCH is easy to hang anywhere thanks to the integrated hook and toothbrushes can be left to dry in their special mounts. The mirror on the inside of the lid ensures that even the most action-laden day will leave you ending up fresh and clean.


Wardrobe and suitcase in one: with its volume of 125 liters, the sturdy and spacious WORLD TRAVELLER in MULTICOLOUR is the ideal trolley for long trips. The self-supporting back section and the deep bottom made of a lightweight EVA structure provide a stable and secure frame. The slick wheel arch for the smooth-running skate wheels, as well as the sturdy base with the coated rail offer additional stability. The stable suitcase made of durable materials can be loaded standing upright like a wardrobe. Four compartments with Teflon lining, variable partition walls, through-loading capability and multiple pockets for small items help you keep everything well organised. The exterior compression straps and the lockable main compartment ensure everything is secure on your travels. A specifically designed business card holder, durable buckles and EVOC zippers complete the trolley.


The multi-functional 40-liter trolley with detachable 20-liter backpack is ideal for any plane trip. The backpack is subdivided into a main compartment with integrated laptop storage and two compartments for documents or smaller items. Like all EVOC products, it offers superior carrying comfort thanks to the padded shoulder straps and soft, well-padded back section. With the zippered cover and button fixture, it becomes one with the trolley which offers ample space for clothes on a weekend trip in its main compartment supplied with additional fastening straps. Thanks to the smooth-running skate wheels with sealed ball bearings, the TERMINAL BAG gets you to any destination stealthily.


The new MISSION-PRO backpack from our TRAVEL range will enable you to bring the office on all your adventures. A padded, quick-access back compartment offers space for a laptop and tablet, while the main compartment provides multiple partitions for documents etc. The lid compartment will ensure you won’t lose track of your passport, phone and other vital things. Small items go in the front compartment. There is one additional lateral compartment for storing headsets or chargers and on the other side there is a flexible mesh pocket to make sure you always have a bottle within quick reach.

The high-quality carrying system of the MISSION PRO 28 is completed by a stowable waist belt and a completely removable chest strap. The MAGNETIC QUICK-RELEASE BUCKLES are easy to open or close with one hand while the integrated AIR PAD SYSTEM provides perfect ventilation to prevent sweating in the contact area.


With this multi-functional organisation marvel you can bring your workplace on any adventure while adding a dash of colour. The toploader backpack with drawstring has a laptop compartment integrated in the main compartment and is a hint smaller than its big brother, the MISSION PRO 28. The interior of the backpack has a clear design and a lid that closes with two buckles. With regards to ergonomics, AIR PAD SYSTEM and ventilation, the MISSION 22 is not designed to make compromises, however.


Your bathroom cabinet on the road: the durable material and sophisticated design make the WASH BAG the ideal companion for all your grooming needs when travelling. The practical toiletry bag can be hung up, has a detachable pocket mirror and a variable interior layout with a heap of separate compartments. It also features convenient toothbrush holders and a separate waterproof compartment.


With this compact organisation assistant, you’ll always have everything you really don’t want to lose within easy reach. It offers well-organised space for passport, boarding passes, credit cards and other documents in separate compartments. It also has two transparent zippered pockets to safely transport smartcards, keys and other small items within view to avoid rummaging for them endlessly.

The MULTICOLOUR EDITION is now available.