2023 EUROBIKE news

Eurobike FRANKFURT 2023 - New helmets and goggles ALPINA 2024


ALPINA presents at Eurobike Frankfurt 2023, the whole new range of ALPINA 2024 helmets and goggles.

New range of colors for both helmets and goggles.

For the Alpina 2024 helmets, the mtb and ebike models are new, with greater protection for the side of the head, almost like a motorcycle jet helmet.

Then the DH Alpina 2024 helmets are new.

The colors and graphics for the Alpina 2024 children's helmets are always new.

Then the Alpina 2024 eyewear range was renewed, with new polarized lenses and new colors for the frame and also for the lenses.

Alpina 2024 sports glasses are also available with an optical add-on for inserting prescription lenses.

In the event of a fall, Alpina glasses collapse without causing damage to the face and the lenses are unbreakable.

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