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Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Build quality

The PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 Ebike has a high price, 14,000 dollars for the top-of-the-range version in the photo, over 12,500 euros, but everything is well made and with top quality components.

The availability of sizes is excellent, as is the Bosch motor, the battery with high autonomy and the individual components.

It costs but there are many quality components.

The weight, of about 21.4 kg, is not exactly low, but the 750wh battery allows a high autonomy.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Frame

The new frame of the PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 Ebike is very well done, with modern geometries and a very high quality of construction.

It is not a cheap e-bike but the frame is well made and also the real plus is the abundant number of sizes, there are no sacrifices, everyone has their own right frame.

The rear suspension is also new.

Engine and integrated battery are classic Bosch products, here in the BOSCH CX Race version, the most powerful.

To signal the presence of the external battery that extends the autonomy.

In short, a high price but the ebike is really valid.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Assemblies

All the assemblies of the New PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 are of excellent quality and aligned with each other.

Clearly there isn't much difference between the "basic" version and the top of the range, and already the around 8,000 euro version offers everything a biker needs.

The value for money is good, the bike is expensive, but also well made and valid.

However, the limited sales network, the complexity of maintenance and very limited service centers should be noted.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Comfort

With 150/160mm suspension, comfort is certainly high, it's impossible to ask for more.

That said, the ride comfort is excellent and there are no particular differences compared to other competitors.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Guide

The PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 Ebike can be considered a pedal motorcycle, so much is its driving precision and safety.

The dynamic behavior highlights excellent stability and ease of driving.

Easy to climb even on technically difficult routes with ease and intuitive control of the mtb.

Excellent traction uphill and where there is little grip and the suspension is well developed, smooth and easy to adjust.

Excellent stability and safety downhill, where you can also appreciate the power of the braking system and the general ease of driving.

Easy to drive on the plains, where ride comfort and good overall performance are appreciated.

A multipurpose e-mtb suitable for any route, but which is best expressed downhill.

However, it remains a valid choice for an all-round ebike, with which to tackle long rides.

An e-mtb that is easy to ride for the novice, but also with excellent potential for those who are experts.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Performance

The general performance of the PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 Ebike is very high, thanks to the Bosch CX Race engine and the powerful battery.

The new Bosch CX engine is at the top in terms of power, torque and range, easy to manage, but also powerful when needed.

The autonomy of the 750wh battery is excellent, to which are added the other 250wh of the external battery.

So the real range is close to 200 km, but it's easy to go over 100 km even without saving the engine.

It goes without saying that pedaling on an over 20kg mtb is not very pleasant, pedaling without the help of the electric motor is therefore something to do only in an emergency.

The Bosch App to manage the engine and battery is perfect.

Ultimately the PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 is a very good, expensive, but high performance ebike.

Ebike PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The PIVOT SHUTTLE AM 2024 ebike proves to be an excellent, expensive, but quality ebike.

It has a great frame, available in many sizes and very well made.

The motor and battery are just as good.

It is not cheap and does not have economic maintenance, but above all the sales and assistance network is limited.

Two aspects that should not be underestimated because with all ebikes, the purchase is only the beginning of the shopping and widespread and professional assistance is essential.

Otherwise, at the first inconvenience, perhaps trivial, you end up with the ebike stopped for months.

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