3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review strengths weaknesses problems everything you need to know (really)


3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Construction quality

The 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 has an excellent general construction quality, it doesn't cost cheap but the frame is well made, good availability of sizes and customizations.

It's not a cheap racing bike but everything is made in the best possible way.

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Chassis

The frame of the 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 is completely made in Italy.

Everything is very well done, with a very high level of attention to detail.

The weight of the frame, with the top-of-the-range assembly, is competitive, around 7.9 kg, but rises in the other versions.

Overall, however, the weight is not limited, it weighs around 1kg compared to other products of the same price and similar geometries.

We would have expected a greater number of sizes.

Even if it isn't exactly a bargain, the quality/price/performance ratio is still good and the fact that it is truly Made in Italy is a further advantage.

It costs less than other products made in China...

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is complete, but not very complete, there is a lack of real top-of-the-range groupsets.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is good.

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Comfort

Together with the reduced weight, ride comfort is one of the aspects in which the 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 can be a surprise.

It's not a granfondo bike, but compared to its aero bike aesthetics it's a bike you can ride for a long time without major problems.

It is clearly still a stiff and uncomfortable bike in absolute terms, but compared to other direct competitors it is definitely better.

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Guide

The 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 is a high performance bicycle, light, rigid, precise and fast when cornering.

A rigid frame with good aerodynamics, which allows excellent overall performance.

Quick to enter corners, stable at high speeds, it requires a certain amount of skill when driving on uneven surfaces, but overall its dynamic performance is excellent.

Easy to manage when braking.

In short, the new frame is very easy to use, in all conditions, despite its aero aesthetics which would suggest a tiring and difficult bike to ride.

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Performance

The new 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 is undoubtedly a high-performance bike in its top-of-the-range version, light, rigid, aerodynamic.

Excellent performance on plains and hills.

Very good even uphill.

It's clearly not a pure climbing bike, but it holds up well.

As an aero bike it is less rigid than other competitors, but more versatile.

Without any doubt it is not a frame and a bicycle for simple amateurs of group outings on Sundays, in complete relaxation, but a racing bike intended for professional or semi-professional athletes, triathletes and lovers of circuit races.

We don't see it as ideal as a frame for a gran Fondo made by an enthusiast.

Downhill, nothing to say, it goes very fast.

An aero bike slightly different from the main competitors, less rigid, but lighter, more comfortable and easier to ride.

It can be an ideal choice in races with a lot of flat terrain and some difficult climbs, on these routes it is the best.

3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 road test review Pros and cons

The 3T STRADA ITALIA 2024 has proven to be a competitive and well-intended aero racing bike.

It goes very well in long races, with a lot of flat terrain, but also with some nice climbs.

On these routes it is a very competitive racing bike, it combines excellent performance on the flat with good performance uphill.

The ride comfort is excellent for the type of bike.

The versatility of use is valid, it is not just a flat bike.

The defect? The prices are not popular, but the quality is high and the frame is truly Made in Italy.

A compromise that may satisfy many, but be a disappointment to many others.

NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike being tested