2024 Sarto Raso TC special edition all the secrets of Sarto's new endurance version


Sarto presents the new Raso TC, a special edition of the all-road endurance model made with Tri-Composite carbon tubes

Built thanks to decades of research and development of cutting-edge composite materials and the totally internal production of tubes and frames in the headquarters in Veneto, the Raso TC offers the cyclist a technological solution that derives from the racing car sector.

From the most demanding climbs to the most extreme cobblestones, tri-composite carbon fiber offers greater comfort and strength, reducing vibrations and mechanical stresses throughout the frame.

The Tri-Composite is in fact a carbon to whose fiber impregnated with resin, the third element, the copper wire, is added.

«This special carbon fiber is also often used in the automotive sector, for the creation of particularly resistant cockpits or helmets» explains Enrico Sarto «The properties of this material are essentially three: excellent impact resistance, high dissipation of vibrations and, let's make no secret of it, the unique aesthetics. This is why we spent a few years on research and development to make it functional to the quality and performance of our top-of-the-range frames."

The metal filament, and consequently the shade of the fiber, are available in 5 different shades: blue, red, green, silver and copper.

The Raso TC has the same geometries and solutions as the Raso, with integrated cockpit and shaped tubes, to optimize aerodynamics; the space for tires up to 35 mm guarantees a new standard of ductility, comfort and safety.

The Raso TC "flare" handlebar, developed by Sarto to combine comfort and control, aligns perfectly with the anatomical lines of the shoulders and arms, for a reassuring and comfortable connection over long distances and on the most adrenaline-filled descents.

Like every tailor, Raso TC is available with customized or standard sizes and specifications.