moustache 2024

2024 ebike MOUSTACHE J review opinions opinions everything you need to know


MOUSTACHE presents the new Mustache J 2024 pedal assisted electric bicycle.

Already presented and awarded at Eurobike Frankfurt 2023, it now arrives in ebike shops at a price that starts from around 5,000 euros and reaches almost 7,000 euros based on the accessories and battery used.

The new Moustache J 2024 is a new type of ebike for Moustache, between urban and touring.

A full suspension frame, for high ride comfort.

Then the Bosch motor and battery.

An autonomy of more than 100km and a high build quality.

A wide range of accessories to transform the ebike into an all-round traveller.

An excellent quality ebike for urban use, but equally excellent in wide-ranging tourism.

The only limit is the limited sales network.