2022 Eurobike FRANKFURT - Sena 2023


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Sena presents its entire range of Sena 2023 products at Eurobike 2022.

All Sena products offer direct helmet-to-helmet communication via Intercom Technology and connectivity with your smartphone to listen to your music, be able to follow GPS directions, receive feedback from fitness apps or answer the phone.

Sena has also developed its own App to conveniently control the functions of your device from the phone screen.

In Smart Helmets, the microphone is integrated into the front rim of the helmet and transmits clear and defined audio thanks to the Advanced Noise Control technology, which filters interference from wind and background noise. The speakers are positioned so as not to cover the ears to always be aware of the noise of the road and the surrounding environment.

For maximum safety and visibility, discover the models with position light integrated into the back of the helmet.

Mesh & Bluetooth Intercom how does it work?

It is possible to connect the helmets directly to each other to talk in groups via Bluetooth Intercom or via Mesh Intercom depending on the model of smart helmet chosen. It is not necessary to connect with the smartphone or to consume data traffic.

Bluetooth Intercom can connect up to 4 users with each other in HD audio quality.

Mesh Intercom automatically connects all compatible devices within range without connection limits or pairing procedures and is therefore perfect for group outings. Mesh Intercom users can also create subgroups thanks to the 9 channels of the Mesh platform; an absolute novelty in the sector. *

* NB the Bluetooth Intercom and Mesh Intercom models are not compatible with each other.

These are some of the products of the 2023 range:

M1 / M1EVO: Designed for mountain biking and for those who love to explore trails, forests and dirt roads

R1 / R1 EVO: Perfect for the city and for the Gravel

R2 / R2 EVO: Road cycling helmet with a sporty and aerodynamic design.

These helmets are available in the Bluetooth Intercom version, which connects up to 4 people within a range of 900 meters; and EVO, with Mesh Intercom for virtually unlimited connections within a range of 900 meters - extendable to 3.6 Km with a minimum of 6 cyclists - and Multi Channel Open Mesh technology with 9 channels.

Rumba: Smart Helmet with an urban look suitable for cycling but also for use on a scooter, skateboard or roller thanks to the double certification. The Bluetooth intercom connects two users to each other at a distance of 400 meters.
Pi: Pi turns your favorite cycling helmet into a Smart Helmet. The two units are installed on the side straps and integrate speaker, microphone and a two-button control. Pi can connect two cyclists with each other with a range of up to 400 meters in open field via Bluetooth Intercom.

NEWS 2022/23

SENA C1 - Global preview

At only 390 g in size M, C1 is the lightest Sena Smart Helmet ever! The microphone is integrated into the front of the helmet and the speakers are positioned in the two units applied to the Nylon strap. The position of the speakers is designed so that you can listen to your music or talk to your friends without this interfering with the perception of the surrounding environment.

On the back of the helmet there is a position light that can be set in three modes - steady, flashing night and flashing day - to ensure maximum visibility on the road; and the three keys to manually manage all the functions of C1.

C1 has a two-way Bluetooth intercom to allow two cyclists to connect to each other within a range of 300 meters and to communicate in a simple and intuitive way; without having to stand side by side along the roadway to talk and thus guaranteeing safer driving.

Bluetooth 5.1 technology allows a stable and effective connection with your smartphone to listen to your music, follow GPS directions and answer calls without ever stopping pedaling.

Sena C1 will be available in Europe in Autumn 2022 in Matte White and Matte Gray colors.

Sena R2X is the first intelligent cycling helmet with the convenience of Amazon Alexa Built-in.

In R2X you will find the state of the art of Sena communication technology enclosed in an aerodynamic helmet perfect for road cycling, equipped with perfectly integrated speakers and microphone, which allow users to easily interact with other cyclists, with their smartphones and with Alexa Built-in *.

Alexa is the cloud-based artificial intelligence you can talk to on R2X. You will be able to communicate with Alexa through your helmet to play music, listen to the news, check the weather, manage smart home devices and much more, all with your hands on the handlebars and your eyes on the road. Interacting Alexa on R2X is simple - just ask and Alexa will respond instantly. Try "Alexa I'm coming home, turn on the AC" or "Alexa, open the garage door"! To always have access to Alexa features, be sure to bring your smartphone with the Amazon Alexa app installed when you ride your bike.

The Mesh Intercom communication platform offers maximum flexibility in helmet-to-helmet connections and is able to automatically connect to all Sena Mesh devices, without limits in the number of connections and without pairing procedures. R2X is compatible with all EVO devices from the Sena product line for cycling, such as R1EVO, M1EVO and R2EVO. The Multi-channel Open Mesh feature offers 9 channels, allowing you to switch between groups on different frequencies.

R2X, with a polycarbonate shell, is designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety. To achieve the best visibility in all conditions, it houses an integrated position light on the rear that can be adjusted to three different intensities.

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with your smartphone allows you to always have access to the functions of your phone. With the Sena Cycling App, users can manage the settings of the R2X smart helmet - such as creating a Mesh Intercom group, adjusting the intensity of the rear lights, choosing the language of voice messages and more - directly from the screen of the your smartphone.

R2X will be available in Europe starting next fall.

* Alexa Built-in (ABI) is an Amazon certification program that confirms a product's compliance with Amazon's standards, helping to offer customers a better Alexa experience.