2022 Eurobike FRANKFURT - Garmin 2023 news review

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At Eurobike Frankfurt 2022, Garmin presents Edge 1040 and the Edge 1040 Solar version, the latest generation cycle computer with solar charging and multi-band GNSS navigation system.

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar with Power Glass ™ charging screen guarantees even longer usage time between charges - up to 100 hours in power saving mode - while multi-band GNSS technology allows extremely accurate position detection, even in areas of complex satellite reception.
Complete with best-in-class navigation systems, performance tracking, security and connectivity features, the Edge 1040 series also offers an all-new user interface that makes it easier to access key information, view and customize data pages, and more. all thanks to a 3.5-inch touchscreen display.

All the news of the Edge 1040 Series
Garmin Edge 1040 features an unprecedented rate of innovation and performance measurement, including:
• Solar charging: the Power Glass screen extends the battery life up to 100 hours in energy saving mode, giving cyclists 42 minutes of extra time for every hour of daytime pedaling1.
• Multi-band GNSS technology: ensures even more precise position detection, even in environments where satellite reception is difficult.
• Cycling ability analysis2: it helps the cyclist improve and prepare specific routes by analyzing his strengths and weaknesses.
• Power guide: suggests power goals to easily manage efforts on each path2.
• Stamina in real time: monitors and tracks your fatigue level in real time during a ride2.
• Intuitive Setup: Import custom profiles, data and sensors based on previous Edges. In addition, it allows you to manage profiles directly from a compatible smartphone via the Garmin Connect ™ app.

Training and performance
To help athletes improve, the Garmin Edge 1040 series provides data such as VO2 max, recovery time, training load, training focus based on Firstbeat Analytics ™ to show how the body reacts to efforts during training2.

Maps and navigation
• New specific maps for each type of bike, enhanced by the Trendline ™ feature that highlights the most popular roads and trails in the area, based on billions of activities uploaded by other users to Garmin Connect.
• Turn-by-turn navigation and alerts that warn the rider of dangerous curves.
• Pause navigation and off-track alerts to explore your surroundings. The route can be reactivated, cut or reduced in elevation at any time.
• Trailfork app, for download, to discover the trails of over 80 countries. When in use, the Forksight function that automatically signals the crossroads and the presence of other bikers on the route even when stationary.

Security and connectivity
Incident Detection, the automated assistance request and the LiveTrack or GroupTrack function, which allows you to follow an athlete or your group of friends in real time and observe the various stages of progression on a path and finally the group messages of the GroupTrack function, that allow you to stay connected to your companions. The Edge 1040 series is compatible with inReach®4 devices and with the essential tools of the Varia ™ family, such as the new Varia RCT715 with integrated radar, rear light and video camera, so you can see, be seen and record video while exercising4.

The Garmin Edge 1040 and Solar series can also be associated with Tacx® Indoor Trainers to pedal and experience all the excitement of training even while staying at home, uploading the activity directly to Garmin Connect. In addition, through a special drop-down menu it keeps track of the battery status and all associated sensors with a detailed report at the end of the trip and sends alert messages in case of battery depletion.

After charging it for the first time, cyclists can go out and pedal immediately, without spending time and energy in setting up. They will thus receive customized profiles based on the previously used Edges, while new users will have a standard setup created based on the most commonly used profiles. Finally, the Garmin Connect app allows an even deeper degree of customization.

Available now, Edge 1040 Solar has a suggested retail price of € 749.99, with silicone case and additional MTB bracket. Edge 1040, non-solar version, has a suggested price of € 599.99 and the Bundle version with speed and cadence sensor and Dual heart rate monitor for € 699.99.

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