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Garmin presents the new Tacx NEO Bike Plus, the plug and play smart bike that offers the experience of cycling outdoors without leaving the home, with simulated slopes and an improved virtual gearbox compared to the previous version.

Both in terms of design and performance, Tacx NEO Bike Plus represents the maximum expression of the Garmin Indoor Cyling offer thanks to the silent pedaling and accurate measurement of power, speed and cadence, even in sprints.

Adjustable to the millimeter according to the needs of those who ride, Tacx NEO Bike Plus can be easily customized to perfectly replicate the position of your bike and is designed to be used comfortably by all athletes, both at home and in the gym.

Furthermore, when combined with the Tacx Training1 app, it allows you to follow structured workouts and pedal on some of the most evocative routes in the world.

Road Feel, an extremely realistic pedaling sensation.

Equipped with unique functions and advanced metrics, Tacx NEO Bike Plus is designed to make any indoor training as realistic as possible, bringing all the excitement of an outdoor session home or to the sports center.

• Reproduces shifting with a simple touch on the levers, which now feature an even more realistic design, more effective button distinction and improved ergonomics, as well as being programmable to simulate SHIMANO, SRAM or Campagnolo shifters.

• Simulates different surfaces, such as cobblestones and dirt and others, when paired with the Tacx Training app or compatible third party apps.

• Dynamic inertia helps maintain the feeling of forward motion based on speed and incline.

• Accurately simulates a descent when connected to an external power source.

It detects, only on the Tacx App for PC, the position of the right and left legs to better analyze the pedaling technique and develop a better pedaling efficiency.

• It has improved usability and a renewed aesthetic of the adjustment knobs.

• Allows millimetric advancement and retraction of the seat post, saddle, handlebar and adjustment of the column with references on both sides of the bike.

Cutting-edge design

By accurately measuring power, speed and cadence with 1% deviation, Tacx NEO Bike Plus gives the rider a clear and precise picture of performance without the need for calibration.

Characterized by an extremely balanced design that guarantees maximum stability, Tacx NEO Bike Plus is the perfect furnishing completion for any environment thanks to its clean and minimalist lines, which express the power of the bike's performance and technological equipment without invading the environment. , be it home or sports.

Moreover, precisely to meet any need, it is one of the quietest indoor bikes available on the market and is ready for any sprint, up to 2,200 watts.

It is also ideal for preparing for outdoor climbs or for increasing the intensity of an indoor workout, pedaling on realistic slopes simulated up to 25%.

Adjustable to the millimeter and easy to start thanks to the Tacx Training app that provides guidance on assembly and configuration, Tacx NEO Bike Plus is designed to allow the whole family to train.

Five different crank arm lengths offer deeper customization and even more accurate measurement, while the seatpost and stem can be adjusted to the millimeter, making it easy to adapt settings to those of your bike.

In addition, the integrated interactive fans are automatically controlled based on the rider's power or heart rate, or they can also be set in variable autonomy (high, medium or low intensity).

Connectivity and performance

Equipped with an integrated 4.5-inch display and two USB ports, which ensure fast charging when the bike is wall-powered, Tacx NEO Bike Plus allows cyclists to use the Tacx Training app for Mac or PC and others popular training platforms on smartphones, tablets or laptops and to monitor performance on your Garmin Edge cycle computer.

With a premium subscription to the Tacx Training app, you can fully immerse yourself in the indoor training experience with over 250 high-quality videos simulating climbs from around the world.

It also allows you to ride with professionals thanks to "Ride with the Pros" with exclusive videos from Garmin sponsored teams and follow structured workouts, upload GPS data, ride with 3D maps and more.

Plus, after a run, all data will load directly into the Garmin Connect app, allowing you to easily view your run stats and maps or analyze your progress anytime, anywhere.

Available soon, Tacx NEO Bike Plus has a recommended retail price of € 3,999.99.


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