Wilier Urta Max SLR 2023 price weight technical sheet everything you need to know





Urta Max SLR is the new full suspension MTB for XC that's better
represents the perfect union between research, development and Factory Team.
This new 120mm travel MTB was created with the intention of giving athletes the
Factory Team Wilier Pirelli a modern and versatile racing bike: system
high-performance suspension, precise driving, safe. A bicycle that since
first rides will make you feel on an ideal vehicle to compete and have fun on
more demanding trails.
The chassis has been developed with these characteristics:
• 120mm front and back suspension
• Steering angle of 67.5°
• Minimized stack and extended reach for a more racing position
• Low center of gravity thanks to a 40mm drop
• New handlebar with negative inclination of 27°
The new shock absorbing system on the URTA MAX is single-pivot. The
compression ratio has been optimized to work extremely
effective on all types of terrain.
Rock Shox and Fox 45mm travel rear shocks are fitted as standard
they have compression curves specifically designed to work in symbiosis with the
leverage ratio chosen in the design phase. There are three phases of operation: a
first regressive (stiffer and more sustained), a more reactive and sensitive central one
when maximum pedaling efficiency and a final phase of
stroke which is progressive, to avoid bottoming out of the suspension.
Suspension system that can be modulated in three steps. All open for sections
more technical descents, where it is necessary to exploit all the travel of URTA MAX. The
intermediate step is designed to have maximum traction on the most technical climbs and on the
bumpy floor. The fully locked set-up is used in sections where
no shock work is required and where the rider needs one
extremely stiff bike, almost to simulate the behavior of a front MTB
suspended. Guaranteed stiffness where greater thrust is needed.
Important note: Rear shock placement is straight
connected to the swing arm and therefore easy to access. In this way all the
adjustments, disassembly and maintenance can be done quickly
with extreme ease.
The two triangles that make up the Urta Max SLR frame are made of fiber
HUS-MOD high modulus carbon, the same used in all top-of-the-range products
Willier. Maximum stiffness only where needed.
The front triangle fully integrates the cables within the frame but, a
unlike previous models - where the pipes and sheaths entered through pre-arranged holes
on carbon - on Urta Max the brake, control and dropper pipes enter above the series
steering, as happens in road bikes. A solution that gives cleanliness
aesthetics of the highest level and, last but not least, improves the overall rigidity of the area
steering because the absence of holes guarantees continuity of modularity and directionality
of carbon fibers.
The rear triangle of Urta Max is designed with a single fulcrum solution. There
new connecting rod (stiffened compared to previous versions) was designed to give the
frame maximum efficiency in the 120mm travel. To keep the value high
torsional stiffness, a connection bridge has been inserted between the two sleeves
oblique. Solution that obviously does not compromise the kinematics of the system
The new Urta monocoque carbon handlebar completes the carbon module
Max Bar. The handlebar integrates perfectly with the frame – as happens on products from
road - thanks to special dedicated thicknesses. The level of comfort is kept high by the
material used: HUS-MOD high modulus carbon with remarkable absorption capacity
on the vertical plane all the micro-vibrations deriving from the disconnections of the ground.
The particular negative inclination of the handlebar stem (- 27°) guarantees the rider
a collected position to have a more powerful pedaling in the thrust phase, in
technical climb and relaunch.
The geometries of Urta Max have been designed and optimized for the assembly of a
fork with 120 mm travel, with the ultimate goal of keeping the rider in one
racing position, lowered and collected. To do this we reduced the stack to
minimal, lengthening the reach and keeping the bottom bracket lower.
A solution that allows the rider to remain collected on the bike, in a more position
performing. Going into detail, in size M the stack is 598 mm and the reach is
443 mm, while the steering angle is more open with 67.5° and the seat tube
verticalized at 75°. With these values the resulting wheelbase (i.e. the distance
front wheel center - rear wheel center) is greater than the model
precedent of Urta. All this gives the rider a greater sense of security
driving and aggressiveness in push position.
Afterpious bottle holder.
Uncompromising solution, not obvious for a full suspension frame with travel
120mm, which allows you to save precious time in the economy of the race.
An extra water bottle equals fewer stops or refills.
Telescopic seatpost as standard.
The Urta Max SLR leaves the Rossano Veneto factory with a telescopic seatpost
with a diameter of 31.6 mm. Each size has a dropper post with travel
dedicated: 100 mm of travel in size S and M, 125 mm of travel for the size
L and XL.
Urta Max SLR was designed to accommodate the most modern transmissions
currently on the market. It can accommodate a front chainring up to 38 teeth and the
The standard UDH dropout is also compatible with the new Sram Eagle groupsets
To protect the rear and its bearings, we have designed a
special rubber cover which, installed in the junction area of the frame triangles,
prevents mud, dirt or debris from affecting the reliability and life of the frame on the
long period.
On the rear we have a 70 mm light point that allows the adoption of
more modern off-road tires up to 2.4” ideal for any type of route
cross country. Price starting from 6200 euros up to 11200 euros



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