New SCOTT GENIUS 2023 weight price data sheet versions everything you need to know 


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Scott Genius 2023 road test ride review all you need to know

New SCOTT GENIUS 2023 weight price data sheet versions everything you need to know

New SCOTT GENIUS 2023 complete official price list


Introduced for the first time in 2003, the birth of the Genius marked the beginning of a cult that saw the SCOTT brand as one of the protagonists of innovation in the full-suspension segment. Each upgrade of the Genius platform in 2009, 2013 and 2018 respectively raised the bar by introducing technologies and innovations still present in the industry today.

In all of this, Genius has always remained true to its DNA: a lightweight and versatile trail bike par excellence ready for ANY ROUTE, ANYTIME.


The Genius relies on patented integrated suspension technology. This not only makes the bike look great, it also helps improve the suspension performance of the bike. First, we can design frames with a lower center of gravity, resulting in better handling and a more stable ride that inspires confidence for the end user. In addition, the frame construction is more rigid around the bottom bracket, which reduces unnecessary movement lateral to the direction of travel of the shock. It goes without saying that the shock is also protected from debris and the elements, two of the main enemies when it comes to performance.

This 29 "wheel specific frame features 150mm of rear suspension paired with a 160mm fork. The new Genius platform has been adapted to the needs of modern trail bikes. We used a more downhill geometry than the previous, lower model. , longer and with more open steering. We wanted a Genius that would continue to excel uphill, while still having all the tools needed to tackle the descent. As with many of our mountain bikes, the steering angle is adjustable. it is equipped with steering caps that allow you to choose between a steering angle of 64 or 65 degrees.

With the previous version, we already had a solid suspension platform to work with. The changes to the shock absorbers and the possibilities of what is most done with bikes in this category have led to an increase in progression and optimization of the kinematics. What you get is a perfect Genius for everyday rides, with a little more fun when the trail heads down.

We present the Genius in two different formats, Genius 900 and Genius Super Trail, or "ST". Our all-new Genius 900 platform picks up on the tradition of versatile trail bikes and offers an ideal package for any trail, anytime, while the ST is tailored for more aggressive riding. While both of these bikes have the same frame layout, they have very unique characters. At the heart of both layouts is our NUDE shock platform, which has been a predominant feature of the Genius family for over a decade. You'll find the NUDE 5T shock on the Genius 900 and a brand new addition to the NUDE family on the Genius ST: FOX's Float X NUDE. With this shock absorber, we apply our unique in-house technologies to a platform that adapts to even more aggressive driving.

In terms of geometry, the main difference between the two platforms is the steering angle. Genius 900 comes standard with a 65 degree head angle, while the Genius ST has a 64 degree head angle. Now, of course, with our angle-adjustable headset available on both models, you can choose your preferred set-up. Each version takes a different approach to specs, behaving differently on the trails.
Setting Sag and controlling excursion while driving is now easier than ever with the new Genius. An external indicator on the link allows the end user to easily set up the SAG and see how much excursion they are using.

Genius features a redesigned Syncros Hixon handlebar with refined ergonomics for both backsweep and upsweep, two rise options depending on frame size (15mm and 25mm) and two lengths stem. There are multiple options for bike computer mounts, lights, etc. with the possibility of mounting on the headset cap or in front of the handlebar, using two threaded inserts. All cables run neatly under the handlebar and into the headset, ensuring a clean and tidy cockpit. Speaking of steering caps, changing the angle is easy. Just take off the handlebars, remove the caps, rotate them 180 degrees each and reassemble. There is no need to cut cables or bleed the brakes. However, cable integration is not unique to one-piece cockpits.

In addition to our carbon models, Genius

and Genius ST 2023 will be available as a hybrid version with a carbon main frame and aluminum alloy rear triangle, and also as complete alloy versions. The aluminum Genius offers a similar advanced driving experience by further sharing the same geometry and kinematics. This truly high-end aluminum frame also offers the same design, the same advanced level of integration and all the technological features of the Genius Carbon such as internal cable routing, SAG indicator, down tube cover for easy access and impact protection, headset adjustment, chain guide, etc.

Genius will be available in carbon, hybrid and alloy models. In total, the collection includes 10 models with a range of prices ranging from € 3,899 up to the top of the range, the Genius 900 Ultimate, to € 11,999. The collection also includes two models dedicated to the Contessa world, the Contessa Genius ST 910 and the Contessa Genius 920.

New SCOTT GENIUS 2023 complete official price list


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