2023 EUROBIKE news

Eurobike FRANKFURT 2023 - SCOTT 2024 news review


SCOTT presents at Eurobike Frankfurt 2023, the whole new range of SCOTT 2024 bicycles and ebikes.

New colors and new assemblies for the entire range of SCOTT bikes 2024.

The most representative models are exhibited, with the new colors and assemblies, AS WELL AS THE NEW SPECIAL SCOTT 2024 VERSIONS.

Then the SCOTT 2024 ebike range was exhibited, with the most representative models and the latest updates.

Then the range of SCOTT 2024 Gravel bicycles, also updated with the new colors and assemblies and the related Scott 2024 gravel e-bike versions.

Then the range of Scott 2024 urban bikes.

Other news could arrive during the year.



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