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Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Build quality

The Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 has excellent build quality, nothing to complain about.

The list price is no longer as convenient as in the past, but the value for money is among the best ever.

Ultimately it has a lower price than other competitors, compared to which it is made just as well and weighs even less.

Of note is the good availability of assemblies, sizes and the ability to customize the bike and the colors.

The overall build quality is therefore very good.

It's not a bargain, but the value for money is very competitive.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Frame

The new frame is completely new, new geometries, new internal cable routing, new tube profile, everything is new and unprecedented

The top that the market offers today for a very light racing bike.

A very valid product and among the best ever offered on the market today.

The complete bike, in its lightest (and most expensive ...) version, weighs around 6.7kg, in fact the price/weight ratio is among the best on the market among road disc bikes, even if there are even lighter disc racing bikes.

Excellent availability of sizes and excellent ability to customize the bicycle.

There are no notes to make.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Assemblies

The range of Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 assemblies is complete, even if you start from an already economically demanding entry level, but nothing compared to other competitors.

The build and assembly quality, in each version, is valid, the weights competitive.

The Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 is not a cheap racing bike but one of good quality and excellent performance.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Comfort

The ride comfort of the Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 is in line with other similar racing bikes, it's not the best, but in line with other racing bikes of the same level. Better than other aero or integrated seatpost models.

Ultimately it is not comfortable, but there are those who do much worse.

To have better ride comfort, you have to switch to an endurance frame.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Guide

The Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 is a very light, reactive racing bike that is quick to corner.

Cornering is always fast and it's just as easy to change direction or trajectory.

At high speeds the stability is good, but it requires decision and attention, because the frame reacts nervously on bumpy roads, it's one of those racing bikes that needs to be ridden, that doesn't drive itself.

It takes some effort, but pays off with absolute top performance.

Braking is also excellent.

A real racing bike, fast reactive, not easy to ride, but with very high performance.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Performance

The weight is contained, certainly not at the level of other competitors, but a big step forward compared to the previous Orca.

A very versatile racing bike, with high performance in all conditions of use.

Excellent uphill, competitive downhill, it defends itself well even on long flat stretches.

It is a racing bicycle, at least in the top-of-the-range version, very competitive and high performance.

It expresses all-round competitiveness, at ease on any route.

Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 Test review Pros and cons

The Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 has proved to be an excellent racing bike, a step forward compared to the previous Orca.

It follows the fashion, the umpteenth, of light bikes, with a very valid, absolutely competitive interpretation.

Light, fast, it expresses excellent general performance.

Easy to handle and fast, it requires decision and experience at high speeds, a very reactive racing bike.

A racing bike that is not so comfortable, but performs very well, especially uphill and downhill.

A defect, this more concrete one, is Orbea's reduced commercial network in Italy, the assistance network and the evaluations of its products on the second-hand market, in which only three Italian and four foreign brands are always sought ...

That said, the Orbea ORCA 2023 2024 is an excellent racing bike, with no real flaws and with excellent performance, offered at a lower price than its competitors.

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