Finally, what we added, the Muc-Off e-bike "Drivetrain Tool".

This tool allows you to turn the e-bike chain back, allowing for better cleaning of the entire chain.

Perfectly made, it can be easily taken with you on e-bike outings, because the convenience of turning the crown back is really useful on many occasions for maintenance, both ordinary and also in an emergency.

Obviously the same result can also be achieved with other, more rudimentary systems, but the advantage of the Muc Off kit is that nothing is damaged, it can be done immediately and the operation is effective and simple.


In the end, the cost of the kit is proportionate to the value of the products, all of which are excellent and useful.

In fact, the kit, with 11 products, costs 115 Euros, while the "DriveTrain Tool" costs around 29 Euros.


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