Mahle X20 e-bike engine release how to do strengths defects problems consequences


Unlocking the Mahle X20 e-bike engine, changing the speed limits and power of the Mahle X20 electric motor can be illegal and cause damage to the engine and also to the frame of the e-bike.

The procedure for unlocking the Mahle X20 e-bike motor is relatively simple.

In fact, there are many manufacturers of e-bike components, which make speed deceivers to be applied to the e-bike.

These speed deceivers are pre-wired and specific to the Mahle X20 e-bike motor.

In this way, the Mahle X20 e-bike engine control unit reads the speed incorrectly and allows the e-bike to reach 50 km/h instead of the usual 25 km/h at which the engine is blocked.

However, this practice is prohibited by law and there are many legal, penal and administrative problems.

Leaving aside the legal and penal aspects, it must be said that changing the speed limit of the Mahle X20 e-bike motor leads to various problems.

Since the control unit is deceived about the speed value, the engine will respond more abruptly and less fluidly as the speed varies, greatly reducing the pedaling fluidity and intervention of the engine itself.

Another problem is the overheating of the Mahle X20 e-bike engine which, working harder, will tend to overheat and could even go into protection lockout if used for a long time, for example on a long climb with high ambient temperatures.

Another problem is the premature wear of the internal components of the Mahle X20 e-bike engine, which are not subject to greater mechanical stress.

A further problem is the greater stress that the fastening points of the Mahle e-bike motor to the frame of the electric bicycle undergo, it is not improbable that cracks will form over time due to mechanical stress.

Another problem is the shorter battery life of the e-bike.

Finally, this modification voids the warranty and even if you remove the speed cheater before taking the Mahle X20 e-bike engine to a service center, the analysis of the ECU, but also the internal visual aspect of the engine, will detect that the same has been subject to change.

It should be noted that an unlocked e-bike engine has an average life well less than half of an unlocked one and the first problem will be with the electric motor.

Ultimately, from a technical and legal point of view it is a change not to be made, but given that the market is full of speed deceivers for e-bikes, it means that the request is large and that these aspects are of no interest to e-bike owners.


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