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A reader reports this problem to us:

I bought the Cube e-bike with 4th generation Bosch motor in December 2021 at a shop, after a few months the Purion display signaled the need to replace the batteries, replaced, and the problem persists.

I contact the shop and they ask me to bring them the e-bike, they do an intervention and it seems that the problem has been solved.

A month ago I took the e-bike for the software update, after a few days the request to replace the Purion batteries reappeared, I contacted Bosch and they opened the replacement for the Purion which I later replaced under warranty on 04-27-2023, after two bike rides about 12 hours the request to replace the batteries reappears.

If they lasted a few months I would resign myself to paying the cost of the replacement, but with only 12 hours of use it is too much since it seems that the Purion is powered by the battery after being switched on.

I've already contacted Bosch, but I'm afraid the problem is with the shop employee not being able to fix it.

Do you have any advice for me?


With ebikes it is important to select the shop where you buy the electric bicycle, because after-sales assistance becomes fundamental, as if you were buying a car or a motorcycle.

Even the fact that the manufacturer has a physical location in Italy becomes essential for asserting one's rights and the guarantee.

The cycling world is still far behind in these respects.

Among other things, problems in ebikes are never easy to solve, because electric bicycles are too complex and delicate for what they really have to do.

In his case it seems clear that the instrumentation is not getting power from the main battery, so the instrumentation batteries run down quickly.

This could be due to many factors.

It should be checked if there is current coming from the display from the battery, once it is switched on and how much current it is getting.

Surely there is no current or very little, or, another problem, the battery of the display flat to the ground, but this can already be ruled out since even changing the display the problem remained.

You need to find an excellent Bosch/Cube service centre, which fully overhauls all the electrical and electronic parts of the ebike, otherwise it will continue to replace batteries unnecessarily.



NDR: the photo does not refer to the specific bike of the problem


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