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BROSE eBike engine problems and defects reported by its owners


Brose eBike motors have generally been considered reliable and of high quality, but, like any other mechanical component, they can have some problems. Some of the complaints and issues reported by owners include:

Strange Noise: Some users have reported hearing unusual noises coming from the engine, such as squeaking or whining, which could indicate lubrication problems or internal wear.

Assistance issues: Some riders have reported sudden interruptions in motor assistance, which could be caused by sensor issues, wiring, or bad connections.

Display errors: Some eBike displays may show system errors or malfunctions, which could be due to problems with the motor itself or with the control software.

Battery life issues: Some users have reported a decrease in battery performance over time or an inability of the motor to hold its original charge.

Overheating problems: In extreme situations or under conditions of intensive use, some eBike motors could overheat, leading to reduced performance or temporary blocking of the assistance system.

Connectivity problems: Some owners have reported difficulties connecting the motor with other components of the eBike, such as apps or accessories, due to Bluetooth or ANT+ connection problems.

It is important to note that user experiences can vary widely, and not all Brose eBike motor owners may have encountered similar problems. Additionally, some reports could be attributed to improper use, inadequate maintenance, or other external variables.

If you own a Brose eBike engine and are experiencing problems, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer or an authorized dealer to receive specific assistance and support for your case.


If you want to report a problem with the BROSE ebike engine, write to: salvatelliluca @ hotmail.com



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