2022 Eurobike FRANKFURT - Bosch anti theft e bike 2023 news review


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Bosch eBike Systems adds an innovative feature to theft protection and makes parking eBikes even safer thanks to the intelligent system. The new eBike Alarm feature offers more comprehensive digital theft protection, in addition to the mechanical lock. In this way, the eBike can be parked with greater peace of mind.

"Anyone who decides to buy an eBike should also be able to enjoy it for a long time", says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "We are now providing even greater safety through the technology offered by the intelligent system. Thanks to the new eBike Alarm feature, users can park their eBike more easily and are informed about the status of their eBike via the eBike Flow app."

Activated, informed and alerted: Digital protection with the eBike Flow app
eBike Alarm can be activated simply once via the eBike Flow app. In the presence of a GPS connection, the feature is always active when the eBike system is switched off. The smartphone acts as a key. At the same time, users can see the location and security status of their eBike at any time in the eBike Flow app. The eBike is thus protected and can be easily found again.

If the eBike Alarm detects that someone is tampering with the eBike, the system reacts with a two-step alarm. Thanks to the intelligent motion detection, the feature is in fact able to distinguish between slight or intense movements of the eBike. In the event of slight movements, the eBike system sends several short warning beeps as a deterrent. If the eBike is often moved and the corresponding digital key, i.e. your smartphone, is not nearby, the system warns the surroundings of the theft attempt with a clearly audible signal. It also sends a notification to the smartphone. This alarm is activated only in critical situations - so that the eBiker does not worry unnecessarily.

Automatic tracking in case of theft
Should the eBike be stolen, the eBike Alarm feature sends a notification and tracking starts automatically. The eBike Flow app can then be used to determine the position of the eBike and transmit the relevant data to the police, particularly in the first two hours, to increase the chances of finding the eBike. In addition, the eBike Flow app provides users with advice on what to do in the event of theft.

To use the eBike Alarm, the ConnectModule must be installed in the eBike and the eBike Lock feature, i.e. the automatic deactivation of the motor support when pedaling, must be activated in the eBike Flow app. This paid component is installed invisibly on the eBike and contains a GPS module, its own battery and various sensors. eBike Alarm can only be used after installing the ConnectModule.

Twelve months of free use
Users who decide to purchase a ConnectModule receive eBike Alarms for twelve months at no additional cost. Later, they can decide whether to continue using the paid digital service - eBike Alarm does not automatically become paid. After the free trial year, the feature costs 4.99 euros per month or 39.99 euros per year.

The ConnectModule is available from specialist dealers, while the eBike Alarm can be downloaded as part of the smart system via the eBike Flow app. The eBike Flow app can be downloaded from the corresponding App Store at no additional cost.

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