new 2022 Bianchi Specialissima Giro 105, all you must know about Bianchi Specialissima 105 2022

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Bianchi has created a limited edition of the special frame Giro105 dedicated to the tour of Italy, available in just 105 models.

The new model that celebrates the 105 editions of the pink run will be available on from April 2022 To celebrate the spirit and champions that marked over a century of history of the Giro d'Italia, Bianchi presents an exclusive limited edition of the perfect frame to the number 105 edition of the pink race that will begin in May 2022.

The very special Journe105 is a true work of art, created in just 105 specimens, such as the editions of the Rosa Race, which enhances the great beauty of Italy and its stage ride.

The link between this exclusive chassis and the most famous Italian cycling race is immediately expressed by the details and the aesthetic key to the Giro d'Italia.

Each chassis is numbered on the horizontal tube, from 001 to 105, to further express the sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. Very special Giro105 enhances the passion for aesthetic research and for the two wheels in an exclusive and precious frame: a real collector's jewel. Exclusive colorations The design of the very special turn 105, painted by hand in Italy, pays tribute to the beauties of Italy and the pink race. The white of the frame, named white Running color of the color of the finish line, is the perfect background to enhance the pink shades of the details of the details.

The internal sections of the fork, of the rear wagon and the logos, hand-painted, are made in a special shade called Enrosadira, a coloring specially created by white artisans. Enrosadira is the color of the light of the Dolomites at dawn and at sunset, when the peaks They seem to shine simultaneously of red, gold and especially rose, the symbol color of the tour of Italy. On the fork of the very special Giro105 there is instead the graphic theme of the endless trophy, an eternal symbol of excellence, perseverance and desire to excel typical of great samples.

At the Performance Vertex Very special Giro105 weighs only 750 grams, and allows you to release maximum uphill power, have excellent downhill control. Available from April 2022 The new white frame dedicated to the tour of Italy will be available on starting from April 15, 2022, and only for a limited period. Very special turn 105 will be delivered to a prestigious packaging, embellished by an exclusive kit that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Official price:

2022 Bianchi Specialissima Giro 105 official price

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