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BIANCHI Aerovolution OLTRE XR5 2023 presentation

BIANCHI OLTRE XR5 2023 rumors

New BIANCHI OLTRE XR5 2022 2023 rumors


Bianchi Oltre RC 2023 price weight data sheet versions all you need to know

New Bianchi Oltre RC 2023 reviews opinions pros and cons of the new Bianchi racing bike

As we have anticipated for many months, the new Bianchi Oltre RC 2023 has finally been presented.

New frame completely new and studied in the wind tunnel.

A more rigid and aerodynamic frame that allows you to save up to 47 seconds on a distance of 40 km with an expressed power of 250w / h (power of a professional anyway).

New internal cable routing.

New aerodynamic handlebar.

New profile of the tubes.

New headset.

Three versions available.

Six sizes.

These are the weights:

Bianchi Oltre RC weight 915 grams

Bianchi Oltre Pro weight 965 grams

White weight Over 995 grams.

Weight refers to frame size 55.

A new complete range for flat routes, circuit races and sprinters.

Here the official presentation press release:

Aerovolution is now. Bianchi rewrites the concept of a high-performance aerodynamic bicycle with the launch of the Oltre platform, driven by the Hyperbike Oltre RC and completed by the Oltre Pro and Oltre models.

A revolution in terms of design and engineering, born from the research and development of the Bianchi Racing Department with the idea of ​​actively dominating and exploiting the air flows, through the engineering of a perfect integrated bike-athlete and frame system. components. A revolutionary design thinking approach, characterized by the introduction of Bianchi Air Deflector technology.

“Bianchi Oltre RC defines a new technological standard in the world of cycling - says the CEO of Bianchi, Fabrizio Scalzotto. - With Oltre we started from scratch, creating an unprecedented aero bike. A project developed by our Racing Department that identifies a turning point for the brand. The new Oltre family represents the first complete frame / component platform entirely designed and produced by Bianchi: from the frame to the handlebar system, passing through wheels, hubs and saddles. "

Besides RC


"For the development of the new Oltre project, Bianchi focused on the athlete and the need to make it as fast as possible with the least use of energy", comments Claudio Masnata - Bianchi Marketing and Communication Manager. "The first revolutionary element are the Air Deflectors, a technology inspired by the world of motor racing at the highest levels to optimize aerodynamic efficiency in every situation".

Bianchi has therefore designed and integrated the Air Deflectors (patent pending) on ​​the sides of the head tube, channeling the air flow and creating a low pressure area at the rear of the tube itself. The action of the deflectors integrates with the activity carried out by the new aero cockpit which, through the hole placed centrally in the fold, generates low pressure vortices of air directed towards the legs of the athlete in motion. The result is a significant reduction in the aerodynamic drag of the athlete-bike system in action, as certified by the wind tunnel tests: higher speed with less effort.

Compared to the previous Oltre XR4 model, Oltre RC allows you to save 17 watts at a speed of 50 km / h and to gain 45 seconds over a distance of 40km with an expressed power of 250 watts / h. In variable wind conditions, however, the advantage over the best aero bikes on the market reaches up to 30%, guaranteeing extreme performance even in the event of sudden changes in wind direction.

Besides RC


Every detail of the Oltre RC chassis / components system has been studied by the Racing Department to achieve the highest level of performance. An obsessive research that has led Bianchi to design and produce exclusive components engineered by a team of dedicated experts.

The pair of Reparto Corse RC50 and RC65 tubeless ready wheels have been developed following four guidelines: rigidity, smoothness, weight and design. The new wheels, with 3K carbon finish, are rigid, super-reactive and weigh 1,540 grams (the pair) while the performance in terms of smoothness is guaranteed by the SPB Tech | Super Precision Bearings.

The wheels are joined by the RC139 carbon air saddle, with pad developed using 3D technology and a weight of 168 grams, which allows the athlete to maintain an aerodynamic position even over long distances without sacrificing the best ergonomics.


There are three models that make up the Oltre range:

BEYOND RC: It is the new top of the range of Bianchi's aero racing collection, designed for the most extreme athletes in search of maximum speed. Oltre RC introduces the concept of hyperbike: created for competitions and World Tour professionals, Oltre RC (6.850kg in size 55, +/- 5%) dominates the air flows, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing the speed of the entire bike-athlete system. A result obtained thanks to the exclusive “Air Deflector” technology that a runs in connection with the new aero handlebar to ensure unprecedented performance. Oltre RC is equipped with the new RC50 SPBTech and RC65 SPBTech tubeless ready wheels (50mm front profile and 65mm rear profile) and mounts the RC139 Carbon air saddle (with 3D technology), high performance components designed and produced by the Bianchi Reparto Corse. Oltre RC is available in six sizes and three different colors, all with ultralight paint and visible carbon: anthracite with light blue inserts, anthracite with white inserts and anthracite with iridescent purple inserts. Price starting from 13.800 €

OLTRE PRO: Oltre Pro shares the same construction principles as the top-of-the-range RC model, using Air Deflector technology and the new aero handlebar. The frame integrates the Bianchi CV vibration cancellation system into the carbon fiber, increasing ride comfort for a less extreme cyclist. Equipped with Reparto Corse components, Oltre Pro is equipped with the RC139 Carbon saddle and a set of RC50 tubeless ready wheels (50mm front and rear profile). Available in 6 sizes and three different colors (anthracite with light blue inserts, anthracite with white inserts and anthracite with black inserts) Oltre Pro is on sale at a recommended retail price starting from € 8,000.

OLTRE: Oltre represents the entrance door to Bianchi's new aero collection. Derived from the higher Pro and RC versions, the Oltre model is designed for a wider range of cyclists who are always looking for the thrill of speed. Oltre's full carbon frame and fork guarantee high performance in terms of rigidity and responsiveness. The Oltre model is equipped with the new Velomann components: handlebar and aero stem, V50R wheels (50mm front and rear profile) and Mitora saddle. Available in 6 sizes and in three colors (light blue, white and metallic dark gray) at a recommended retail price starting from € 5,400.


BIANCHI OLTRE XR5 2023 rumors

New BIANCHI OLTRE XR5 2022 2023 rumors


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