All new 2024 BIANCHI IMPULSO RC GRAVEL price technical data sheet versions everything you need to know


Bianchi presented the new BIANCHI IMPULSO RC GRAVEL 2024 bike.

The frame is completely new and specific for gravel.

Completely revised in geometry, integrated cable routing, new integrated handlebar and new fork.

The Bianchi (RC) racing department also developed the new handlebar with integrated cable routing, the new saddle and the new wheels, all in carbon fibre.

40mm wide tyres.

At the moment only one assembly is available, with a SRAM Force AXS 2x12 group at a price of around 6850 euros.

Five sizes available, while the color is unique, the one in the photo.

The weight should be around 8kg.


Here is the complete official presentation with the prices of all versions:

The new Impulso family is Bianchi's answer to those looking for speed on any type of terrain in gravel, from compact dirt to gravel, from mud to asphalt passages. The Bianchi Racing Department focused on maintaining the balance between aerodynamic performance, reduced weight and optimal off-road driving ability.

The world of gravel has reached a turning point. What was once seen as a discipline refractory to boundaries and categories, today highlights increasingly defined specialties and areas. A dividing line is being defined between the world of gravel competitions, starting with the Gravel Earth and Lifetime Grand Prix circuits as well as the UCI World Championships, and the more casual and less high-performance style of gravel experienced as an adventure, often associated with the idea of bikepacking and exploration. Two profoundly different needs, which require different responses.

Impulso RC is the highest representation of Bianchi's racing spirit applied to gravel.

Like Oltre and Specialissima, the Impulso family also consists of three models, RC, Pro and Comp, to meet the needs of any cyclist.
RC pulse

RC pulse


The Racing Department has optimized the Impulso RC in detail to face the challenges of fast gravel, treating every aspect as part of a holistic system aimed at maximum performance. This systematic approach is increasingly central and characterizing in the design thinking of the Italian house.

The carbon frame maintains a clean and essential design, inspired by the aerodynamic lines of the Oltre aero road models. The weight is redistributed with larger sections at the front to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. The progressive geometry of the frame is derived from off-road and cross-country, completed by a shorter stem than the Specialissima RC but with a longer reach, to ensure greater stability.

The Impulso RC chassis can fit 42mm tires, for a more stable ride on rough sections. The bottom bracket drop is 70mm for maximum control and versatility when facing any challenge. The ASTM2 certification ensures the ability to tackle the most difficult dirt roads and even trails with moderate gradients.

The new Impulso chassis platform benefits from the aerodynamic advantages applied in the development of Oltre RC and then Specialissima. Rounding out the performance package, the head tube-integrated fork and specifically designed aerodynamic RC wheel set make the Impulso one of the most aerodynamic gravel bikes on the market.

The work of the Racing Department has guaranteed the new Impulso RC an improved, more rigid cockpit, for a sensation of total management of the vehicle. The 16° handlebar flare offers extra control on the most technical descents, while the use of extremely light carbon fiber has brought the weight of the handlebar to just 340g.

As in the top models of the road range, Bianchi has also paid particular attention to the components, which constitute an integral part of the bike system and its performance. In particular, Impulso RC is fitted with a pair of RC43 wheels with a 43mm profile and 25mm internal channel, with a 3K carbon finish.
Impulse Pro


If Impulso RC is the top model, designed for professionals who aim to compete in the UCI Gravel Series, the new family is completed with the Pro and Comp models. The RC model is available in a single metallic light blue color, with an insert in the iconic light blue CK16 positioned on the top tube. Impulso RC is on sale for €6,849.

For off-road experts, those aiming for first place in every gravel race, there is the Impulso Pro, equipped with Velomann Terbium wheels and Velomann Mitora Hyper saddle. Impulso Pro is available in the classic Celeste or in Grigio Acciaio with a matt finish, with a price of €4,249.

For those who are approaching the world of gravel competitions for the first time, there is the Impulso Comp, equipped with a Velomann Mitora saddle, with shiny finishes in the iconic Celeste or in an elegant gold-brown inspired by the intense shades of the forest. Impulso Comp is available for €2,999.