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New Bianchi Infinito 2024 price weight assemblies everything you need to know

After BIANCHI presented the new BIANCHI SPECIALISSIMA RC, the spotlight returns to a new BIANCHI INFINITO 2024, even if we can now talk about 2025.

The new BIANCHI INFINITO will be presented on 2 may 2024

The Bianchi Infinito, even in its latest XE version, has been on the market for some time, an excellent commercial success, but it is clear that it is starting to feel the weight of the years.

If it wasn't a Bianchi, it would have fallen into total oblivion.

There is no official news, but it is our opinion that one of the next Bianchi innovations could be a new Bianchi Infinito RC 2024 2025.

It's difficult to understand what it could be like, whether an evolution of the current Bianchi Infinito, or a ground-breaking endurance bike, a completely new Bianchi Infinito.

We believe the first version is much more likely, with an evolution of the current Bianchi Infinito frame.

A new layering of carbon fiber, for a lighter frame, around 850/900 grams.

Then greater ride comfort, which could be achieved with greater vertical flexibility of the fork and rear triangle.

The geometries, however, could also remain unchanged, they are more than excellent.

The price could rise around 3000-3500 Euros for the frame kit.

It is not excluded that two versions could also arrive, one lighter and more expensive, one with less high-quality carbon, but cheaper.

There will certainly be a whole new range of Bianchi Infinito bicycles, with the RC, Pro, Comp and Race versions.

We'll see how the Bianchi 2024 2025 range develops.

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