Bianchi Aria Vs Orbea Orca which one to choose - bycicles tips

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Bianchi Aria Vs Orbea Orca which one to choose

We respond to a reader who asks us for advice on these two racing bikes:

- Bianchi Aria 4 mounted ultegra 3200 €

- Orbea Orca M30 assembled 105 2100 €

With the savings on the Orbea I could afford carbon wheels. I am sturdy (105 kg by 180cm) in your opinion, which one in terms of strength, geometry and price quality suits me?

First of all, let's immediately exclude the idea of ​​adopting carbon wheels, already delicate on their own, with a weight of 100kg, they become a time bomb ...

Why get hurt or call each out to fall due to a broken wheels?

Better a good pair of high-end aluminum wheels.

The two bikes are very different and hardly comparable.

The Bianchi Aria is a "passista" bike suitable for flat and hilly routes.

The Orbea Orca is a more versatile racing bike and also suitable for climbing.

Both in terms of quality and any assistance under warranty, Bianchi is a "guarantee" ...

So given the selection and the totally wrong idea of ​​adopting carbon wheels, I recommend the Bianchi ARIA, which is an excellent racing bike and given its weight, it will certainly have no reliability problems.

With regard to performance, then, these are, in this case influenced by the weight of the cyclist, not only is the Bianchi Aria better assembled, but its stiffer frame will allow for better pedaling efficiency. In conclusion, I would buy the Bianchi Aria and leave the bike as it comes standard without changing a single screw.

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Ndr: in Photo the new Bianchi Specialissima Giro105