New ebike BH iAerolight 2024 price weight data sheet review all you need to know


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BH presented the new BH iAerolight 2024 electric bicycle.

BH iAerolight 2024 - Aerodynamic and lightweight frame

It has an aerodynamic and lightweight chassis as a starting point. The carbon frame incorporates all of BH's technology in its treatment. Its shapes, HCIM construction process and fiber choice are designed to achieve the most competitive weight possible and maintain the stiffness needed in an e-bike. Both objectives were largely achieved. The frame weighs just 1,400 grams, a spectacular figure for a frame that must withstand the additional forces generated by its motor and the rider. Thanks to this, the total weight of the bicycle stands at 11.8 kg.

BH iAerolight 2024 - Integration as a key element

Integration is key in the BH iAerolight. Thanks to the ACR internal guidance system, all cables are hidden inside the frame, offering aerodynamic and aesthetic advantages.

Furthermore, the saddle closure is fully integrated into the shapes of the frame, and the one-piece carbon handlebar and stem assembly follows the lines of the head tube perfectly, offering impeccable aesthetics in the BH iAerolight.

Quick Levers clamps are also used, which hide the lever inside the clamp body and allow the wheels to be removed without tools.

The integration extends to additional elements such as the Planck rear light, fundamental for improving road safety and which is installed on the seat tube with a quick magnetic system and without the need for tools.

On the handlebars, we find the iAerolight Heart system, which shows the battery level and the current assistance mode through a system of colored LEDs. A single button is enough to switch between the different assistance modes. Thanks to connectivity with the Garmin ecosystem, you can get additional electrical system information on your GPS device.

BH iAerolight 2024 - Aerodynamics, a priority

Aerodynamics is a priority in the new BH iAerolight, as its name suggests, and the complete integration of the elements enhances these qualities to deal effectively with the wind.

The frame tube shapes, called Kamm Tail, allow air to flow unhindered around the bike. The Air Bow fork, in addition to giving it an aesthetic character, is another fundamental element for good aerodynamics in this model.

BH iAerolight 2024 - 2nd generation BH2EXMAG engine

The BH iAerolight is equipped with the second generation of the BH2EXMAG engine, an engine already tested on other BH models and known for its small size, light weight and low noise level.

Its support is progressive and natural, contributing to the sensations of a real bicycle that the BH iAerolight transmits. With a power of 250W and a maximum torque of 65Nm, it offers additional thrust on difficult terrain. Furthermore, when pedaling above 25 km/h, it does not generate any additional friction.

The integrated battery is located in the diagonal tube and has a capacity of 410 Wh, allowing a range of up to 130 km. You can expand it using the additional XPro battery, which connects quickly and easily, providing an additional 180Wh for a total capacity of 590Wh and an estimated range of up to 180km.

With the BH iConnect app, you can customize assistance levels and access all basic settings of the BH2EXMAG engine.

The BH iAérolight is available in 3 versions, from €7699.9 to €10999.9 and in 5 original colours. Additionally, each model is eligible for the BH UNIQUE chassis customization program.