new ebike BH Core Sport 2024 price review engine autonomy weight everything you need to know


Much of what BH has learned over its 15+ years of creating unique e-bikes has been poured into the BH Core Sport. But not only this. It has also inherited technologies and details from its racing MTB range, where pure performance is what matters most. This combination of knowledge has made the BH Core Sport a bicycle that stands out for its versatility.

The starting point is an aluminum frame with internal wiring for the steering, a feature normally only associated with high-end MTBs and which contributes to a clean aesthetic. The BH Core Sport frame was designed with two goals: to be lightweight and durable. The BH Core Sport was designed to be able to use luggage racks and the frame has the necessary mounts for this.

Integrated battery and up to 720Wh capacity

The system's battery is located in the diagonal tube, despite its slim and proportionate shape, with a capacity of 540 Wh. Sufficient to reach a range of up to 128 km. But if you still need it, the BH Core Sport can offer it to you. You can add the XPro external battery, an additional battery that is installed on the bottle cage without the need for additional cables and which adds 180 Wh of capacity to reach a total of 720 Wh, a spectacular figure and capable of guaranteeing a range of approximately 170 km .

BH 2EXMAG: light, powerful and frictionless

The second generation of the BH 2EXMAG motor, known for its application in lightweight high-performance e-bikes in the BH catalog, is used in the BH Core Sport. It is a very small engine weighing just 2.2kg, a key factor in achieving the authentic bicycle aesthetics of this model. Its strengths go beyond lightness and thanks to its design it is possible to use conventional transmissions, even with 2 plates. On the move, one of its main advantages is the absence of friction when pedaling without assistance. Thanks to this it is easy to exceed 25 km/h. It is also a powerful engine with 65 Nm of maximum torque. Everything you need to make the most of your pedaling and, at the same time, know that you have assistance available that is identical to the high-end models. Furthermore, BH offers a 5-year warranty on its engines.

The set is completed with the X-Display positioned on the handlebars, next to the handlebars in a safe area in the event of a fall. It has a color and high definition display to view data even in direct sunlight.

Price of the BH Core Sport

There are two setups in the BH Core Sport range and both feature 29" wheels with Maxxis tires and 1x12 drivetrains supplied by Shimano. A 100mm fork with remote lockout control on the handlebars completes a set-up ready to tackle the mountain with confidence .

The starting price of the BH Core Sport is €3,099.90.