New BH Ultralight 2024 and BH Aerolight 2024 everything that changes prices assemblies colors technical specifications



The BH Ultralight and Aerolight ranges are renewed with new designs that further enhance the spectacular and characteristic lines of these two high-performance racing bikes.

The BH Ultralight and BH Aerolight are united by the same mission: to be the fastest bikes on your terrain. The evolution to become increasingly faster has led them to share many elements. The most surprising of all is the Air Bow fork, a key point in the aerodynamics of the two bikes and an element that gives personality to their aesthetics. The use of E-CL carbon, the best of BH, and its HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Molding) construction process gives their frames perfect finishes, both outside and inside, avoiding imperfections and excess material that it would increase its weight.

The total integration of the components is another element that unites the two models. From the saddle lock to the integrated wiring inside the handlebar, without forgetting the Quick Lever system on the thru axles of the wheels, which completely hides the opening lever.

From here on the differences begin: the BH Ultralight seeks a lighter weight and a geometry designed to shine especially on climbs. Although in this latest version it has become even more versatile, inheriting some aerodynamic elements from its sister Aerolight.

Aerodynamics is the distinctive character of the BH Aerolight, a high-performance bicycle designed to express more watts the faster you can pedal. Simply, it is pure speed, rigidity and a great ally in the fight against the wind.

Both the BH Ultralight and BH Aerolight have the UCI seal of approval and can be seen in action with the Professional Burgos-BH team

For the new range, BH has created a new collection of finishes, partly unifying the aesthetics of other successful models in the collection. The BH Ultralight, with three different standard color options, aims for a minimalist finish, taking advantage of the timeless look of exposed carbon combined with a layer of paint with a touch of color in the saddle clamp area.

In the BH Aerolight, however, we find brighter finishes, with solid colors that cover the entire frame and accentuate the defined aesthetics of its aerodynamic tubes. A look in line with the sensation of speed that its design transmits.

What doesn't change are their edits. In the BH Ultralight 2024 range you can find four different configurations with a starting price of €5,699. The same structure is found in the BH Aerolight range, with four different configurations with a starting price of €5,699. In both cases the top model is equipped with the SRAM Red Etap AXS group, the other models are equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105, all in the Di2 electronic versions.