New BH RS1 2024 price weight versions technical data sheet everything you need to know



The arrival of the new versions of the BH Aerolight and the BH Ultralight has brought with it a new dimension of speed and performance, the goal of both models, created to shave seconds off the clock and fly in any race on the planet. The BH RS1 takes advantage of everything learned with these models, but applies it to a geometry designed to be comfortable and ergonomic for all cyclists.

Carbon and Integration in the new BH RS1

The BH RS1 starts from a carbon frame in which everything is new. For its construction, Performance Carbon Layup was used, which offers the best balance between lightness, comfort and stiffness, applying the same production process used in BH's competition frames. The HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Molding) system achieves perfect finishes, not only on the outside of the frame, but also on the inside. This results in weight reduction and improved rigidity.

Integration was also a key pillar in the renewal of the BH RS1. The wiring is completely internal starting from the handlebar, which uses the ACR system, in whose application BH has extensive experience. The seat post clamp is completely hidden and adopts an internal locking system that allows you to secure the seat post without the need for additional components. A seatpost that itself adopts aerodynamic lines.

The Planck rear light can be mounted right on the seat post, which integrates perfectly into its lines and is easily installed thanks to a magnetic system. An essential accessory for cycling safely on the road.

Continuing in this line of integration, the BH RS1 for the wheels has opted for the use of quick releases with hidden levers: the Hidden Quick Levers allow opening without tools, maintain a clean aesthetic and obtain an aerodynamic improvement.

Prominent throughout the rest of the frame is the use of an 86mm wide BB368EVO bottom bracket, which is crucial to achieving a design that provides greater rigidity to the bottom bracket area, a crucial point in all road bikes.

Aerodynamics at the highest levels

The new BH RS1 has embraced aerodynamics as a basic element of its design. The shapes of each tube have been designed to achieve the best aerodynamic efficiency, incorporating the Kamm Tail shape used in the tubes of the Aerolight racing model, which ensures that air flows without generating pressure zones. The result is a significant aerodynamic gain which translates, for the same watts applied, into greater speed.

The Aero fork allows the use of wheels up to 32 mm and leaves more space free, to facilitate air circulation. Furthermore, its shape gives character to the BH RS1 and fits perfectly with the lines of the rest of the frame.

Essential comfort

We talk about aerodynamics, integration, carbon, the same aspects that make BH's highest performing racing bikes shine. But in this case, the RS1 adopts a specific geometry to make its use more comfortable for all cyclists. The front is higher, thanks to a higher head tube, which allows for a comfortable position while maintaining an aggressive aesthetic. At the rear, a compromise was sought between agility, reactivity and safety. This makes the BH RS1 a bicycle that combines the highest performance and comfort. An ideal weapon for long days in the saddle, granfondo and intense weekend outings.

Prices of the BH RS1

The 2024 BH RS1 arrives on the market in 4 different configurations, starting from a price of €3,999.