all new 2022 BH CORE CARBON E-BIKE specs and price, all you must know about BH CORE CARBON 2022

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The big news of the BH Core Carbon range is the introduction of the new 2EXMAG engine.

It is a key component in achieving the sensations these electric bikes are intended to convey. The starting point is an advanced level of frame integration that comes close to the aesthetics of conventional bicycles.

Another strong point of the range is the weight: the 2EXMAG motor is 10% lighter than the 2ESMAG and weighs only 2.1 kg but without compromising performance: 250 W of power and 65 Nm of maximum torque. Its compact structure and position in the lowest and most central point of the bicycle allow you to maintain a low center of gravity without compromising the agility of movements in gear.

Side fins have been integrated that improve heat dissipation to maintain performance stability even in the most complicated situations. The 2EXMAG engine then presents a series of fundamental aspects that give the BH Core Carbon a feeling more similar than ever to classic road bikes. The new telemetry torque sensor allows you to count on a softer and more progressive assistance than ever, offering a natural pedaling in the entire engine power regime, which comes to provide assistance of 300%.

The assistance capacity up to cadences of 110 rpm adds sporty sensations while driving. The speed sensor is integrated, so as to obtain precise information and without external interference. As in the previous version, if the engine assistance is not active there is no friction and this allows you to pedal up to 25 km / h without any weight. Added to this are the compact dimensions with a very low Q-Factor, of only 163 mm, like any traditional bike. The battery is always 540 Wh and is able to offer 165 km of autonomy, the additional 180 Wh XPro battery option is confirmed, which is manually installed on the bottle cage to reach 220 km of autonomy.

The use of high quality BH carbon and the HCIM manufacturing process results in a very low weight, with a frame of only 1,370 grams and a fork of 410 grams. The bikes also use the ACR system with full integration of the wiring for a clean appearance and a Core display integrated into the stem with LED lighting to display the level of assistance used and the battery charge status. A central button allows you to change the level of assistance. The BH Core Carbon range includes 4 configurations, 2 for road use and 2 for gravel use.

The starting price is € 5,699.