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2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road test review Build quality

The 2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace is a very well made racing bike, with great attention to aerodynamics and well-made assemblies.

The range of assemblies is good, as is the color range, which can also be customized, the range of sizes is also wide and in line with a high-end racing bike.

Everything is therefore well done and good value for money.

The BH Ultralight Evo is not given away, but also offers a lot and sometimes costs less than many other competitors.


2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road Test Review Frame

The frame of the 2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace has been completely revised, stiffer, lighter, more aerodynamic.

It is one of the lightest aero bikes to date.

In the tested version, with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 group, the weight is 7.4 kg, a little for an aero racing bike, not a little for a climbing racing bike.

2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road Test Assemblies Review

The range of assemblies is complete, and everyone can find the ideal racing bike based on their budget.

Nothing to report, in addition to the top-of-the-range version, the other versions are still assembled with valid products and attention to detail.

Clearly the entry level version is heavier, but the overall quality is not lacking.


2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road test Comfort review

For an aero bike the 2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace isn't exactly uncomfortable, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable road bike.

Despite this, it is not far from other competitors.

Ride comfort is therefore good from the point of view of a racing bike intended for competitions, but it is not in the least comparable to that of an endurance bike.

Among aero bikes it performs well and better than other competitors.

It remains a high-performance racing bike where comfort takes second place to speed.

2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road Test Review Guide

The 2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace is a real aero racing bike, with a stiff, reactive frame, high handling; it's not an easy race bike to ride, but it pays off with top-notch performance.

Downhill the steering is light and on bumpy roads it is not easy to control, especially on tarnished asphalt you need decision, to keep the steering firm and steady.

You need experience and safety in manoeuvres, the bike is very reactive, stiff, fast, responds quickly to every slightest command.

Not a small advantage if you can take advantage of its performance, but driving experience is needed.

Precise and fast on the straights, it is affected by side winds, like all aero bikes.

Good uphill performance.

Excellent braking, even if the bike is not easy to manage in the most decisive braking.

A very reactive frame, you need to know it before pushing hard.

It gives great satisfaction, but it's not easy to take to the limit.

A real racing bike ...


2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road test review Performance

The relatively low weight, its weight/stiffness/aerodynamics ratio, place this model among the best purchases that can be made for a high-performance cyclist who aims to get the best out of a racing bike.

It's not a very light bike, but very stiff, with excellent aerodynamics and superlative performance.

But you have to push it beyond the limits, it gives its best at high speeds, and the faster you go the more competitive it is, the faster it is, the more vacuum it creates.

The top is over 50 km/h, an average that is not for everyone.

Downhill, to have capacity, it makes a vacuum ...

But you need courage and driving skills.

In the plain it is the best that can be had.

Uphill it goes better than you might think, but you need power in your legs to exploit it.

With a strong and powerful athlete it is one of the best racing bikes.

For a simple amateur it can be a disappointment, heavy, uncomfortable and difficult to drive ...

Its overall performance, however, is first class and in absolute terms it loses something uphill, but otherwise it is at the top of the market.

2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace Road test review Pros and cons

The 2024 BH Ultralight Evo 9.0 Dura Ace has proven to be a top-level, almost old-fashioned racing bike.

Because it's not a comfortable or easy bike to ride, but for performance it has no rivals.

It goes fast everywhere, only uphill it could be at a disadvantage, but only on very steep climbs.

Downhill, plain, hill is its forte, it has very few rivals.

An excellent racing bike, whose defects are not high comfort, a limited distribution network and the usual high running costs, as for all modern bikes.


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