Best cycling outfit for winter which are the best brands to buy - Bycicles tips


When it comes to choosing a cycling outfit for winter, it's important to look for pieces that offer thermal insulation, protection from wind and rain, breathability and a comfortable fit so you can tackle colder temperatures. Here are some suggestions for the best winter cycling outfit:
Winter cycling jacket:

Thermal Insulation: Look for jackets with good thermal insulation to maintain body heat even in the coldest conditions.

Waterproof and windproof: Make sure your jacket is water and windproof to protect you from the elements.

Breathability: Good breathability is essential to avoid moisture buildup inside the jacket, which could make you cold.

Fit and ergonomic design: The jacket should have a snug fit to reduce wind resistance and improve aerodynamic efficiency. An ergonomic design also helps during the riding position.

Pockets and practical details: Back pockets, ventilation zips and reflective details are practical features to look for.

Winter Cycling Long Pants:

Thermal Insulation: Look for pants with enough thermal insulation to keep your muscles warm during winter riding.

Waterproof and windproof: Similar to the jacket, make sure your trousers are waterproof and windproof.

Breathability: Breathability is crucial to avoid overheating during physical activity.

Fit and comfort: Choose trousers with a fit that allows movement and good range of motion.

Ankle protection: Some trousers offer extra protection at the ankles to reduce the entry of wind and cold.

Based on our experience these are the best brands to focus your attention on, although the list is very vast and a lot also depends on your personal needs and preferences


Remember that additional layers, such as thermal shirts and accessories such as gloves and shoe covers, are essential for maintaining body heat in extreme winter conditions. The final choice will also depend on your personal preferences and the specific climate conditions in which you intend to ride.


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