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ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Build quality

The Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 ebike has a high cost, but far from other competitors, the top of the range costs 6600 euros, a price well below the 12 thousand euros requested by other competitors.

The weight of 15.5Kg is not very low but not too heavy, considering the 500Wh battery and the 75Wh Polini EP8+ motor.

Of note is the possibility of adopting an additional 250Wh external battery.

There are two assemblies available, while there are only four sizes, the only real limit of the ebike.

The overall build quality is therefore good.

The value for money is better than other competitors.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Frame

The new frame is completely new, new geometries, new internal cable routing, new motor and integrated battery.

An excellent product and at the top of the market.

The complete bike, in its lightest (and most expensive..) version, weighs around 15.5kg, 2-3kg more than the lightest ebikes, but also with much smaller batteries and less powerful motors.

The availability of sizes is the minimum that can be expected, it is not easy to find the right size, because the geometries vary greatly between one size and another.

There are no other notes to make.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Assemblies

The range of assemblies is relatively small, although of good quality and with a competitive starting price, around 6 thousand euros, but with an assembly that is well superior to other competitors of the same price.

The construction and assembly quality, in each version, is valid.

It is a gravel ebike of good quality and excellent performance.

The real autonomy with a total capacity of approximately 750Wh exceeds 200 km, well above its competitors; in the worst case scenario it is easy to exceed 100km, also in this case with double the autonomy compared to its rivals.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Comfort

The ride comfort is not the absolute top, there are no real shock-absorbing systems, but overall it is valid.

There are more comfortable gravel ebikes.

Overall, the ride comfort is therefore more than valid and in line with the best competitors with a rigid frame and without any shock-absorbing system.

An excellent result.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Guide

The Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 ebike is a gravel ebike with excellent overall performance, but above all very easy and safe to ride.

Intuitive, always stable, it never involves driving.

Easy to handle, it is very safe at high speeds and downhill.

Excellent braking.

Its behavior on asphalt roads is also excellent, where it travels on a track, it is so stable and safe.

Overall it is one of the easiest and most intuitive gravel ebikes to ride, both on and off road.

Only the most experienced would have wanted greater handling on the more guided sections.

A true gravel ebike, perfect for fast routes, with a flat and hard surface, where it highlights driving qualities, safety and stability, enviable and superior to its direct competitors.

Excellent behavior in tourist use, with truly reduced driving effort.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Performance

The relatively low weight, the excellent chassis, but above all the powerful Polini motor and the excellent capacity battery, lead to excellent overall performance.

As always, without the assistance of the motor it is difficult to pedal, the ebike is still heavy.

With maximum engine assistance, the real autonomy is more than 100km, while with some care and the auxiliary battery you can exceed 200km of autonomy.

It all depends on how much the engine is used, the climbs to be faced and also the athletic abilities of the cyclist.

It should be noted that there is a certain amount of noise from the engine, which is however not annoying, but also the fact that without a minimum amount of thrust from the electric motor there is the classic rolling resistance of the crank.

The intervention of the Polini engine is always clear, perhaps not very gradual when going slowly, but perfect at higher speeds, with an optimal pedaling cadence of around 80 pedal strokes per minute and with constant pressure on the pedals.

Its intervention can be abrupt, going from the non-intervention phase, when you are not pedaling, to that of a strong and sudden push on the pedals.

It should be noted that with the appropriate App you can adjust the intervention force, best setting the engine thrust according to your needs.

For the rest the performance is at the top of the category, excellent gravel ebike, perfect uphill, where it runs fast.

Very fast downhill and excellent on the flat.

The off road performance is equally good.

It is a very competitive and high performance gravel electric bicycle.

It's not the best in the most technical off-road, but it's very competitive on fast routes.

ebike Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 test review Pros and cons

The Basso Volta Carbon Gravel 2024 ebike confirms itself as an excellent gravel electric bicycle.

There is no real flaw, the ebike is truly excellent from every point of view.

The real defects may be the limited sales network, a not very light weight and the decisive intervention of the Polini engine.

Another problem is the management, maintenance and assistance costs, in addition to the cost of spare parts.

Among the advantages are the ease and safety of driving, the great real autonomy and the performance in general.

The price is competitive.

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