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2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Build quality

The general quality of the 2024 Basso Tera Gravel is very good, the assemblies are valid, as is the range of available sizes and colors.

It doesn't cost a fortune, it doesn't weigh little, but it has an excellent value for money.

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Frame

The frame is completely new and is made in a perfect way.

New specific geometries for gravel, integrated cable routing, all very well done.

Carbon fiber fork and rear triangle.

There's also the frame kit, perhaps more could have been done with the available sizes, the only limitation of this Basso Tera gravel bike.

Good weight, 9.8kg for the Apex assembled version in size M.

Not bad ...

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Assemblies

Two assemblies, valid and offered at a price that starts from just under 2500 euros and reaches 3500 euros for the Campagnolo Ekar assembled version.

A good quality gravel bike with a good value for money.

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Comfort

Very high, especially for an aluminum frame, but absolute comfort is very good and even superior to many carbon frames.

The choice of the cushioned rear triangle is excellent.

Overall it ranks among the best gravel bikes ever for ride comfort.

Beaten only by the much more expensive full suspension carbon fiber frames, often even heavier and costing four times as much.

The comfort could be even better with a better saddle.

In terms of ride comfort, this is an aspect in which the Basso Tera is second to none.

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Guide

A real gravel bike, stable, safe, easy to handle to remain safe downhill and in the most difficult off-road sections.

Very easy and intuitive to drive, it is also very good on more technical off-road routes, but also ensures very profitable driving on fast routes.

Braking is also very good.

Stable and safe at high speeds.

On the road, he approaches riding an endurance racing bike that is safe, comfortable and easy to ride.

Off road it is easy to drive, there are no behaviors that are difficult to control, very intuitive and always safe.

A nice frame, safe, easy on and off-road.

Excellent in tourism, it has no limits of use, a bike at 360 degrees.

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test test review Performance

It's not a very fast gravel bike, you can feel the heavy weight, but it's certainly not a slow gravel bike.

Its performance is in line with other gravel models of similar weight, often even more expensive.

The performance on the plains and off-road, on flat and fast surfaces, is very good.

Only on the most difficult climbs is the total weight of the bicycle felt.

It loses only in really difficult routes, hard climbs and almost MTB-like off-road routes, but where you can let the bike run, it has almost unexpected performance for its price.

2024 Basso Tera Gravel test review Pros and cons

A gravel bike that is not expensive but still of quality and with high performance.

Its defect is the weight, even if in line with its price and the type of bicycle.

Its strengths are its general performance, versatility and driving safety.

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