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Growth hormone, better known as GH, or by the scientific name of Somatotropin, is naturally secreted by the body during development, precisely by the pituitary gland.

During the course of life, somatotropin secretion progressively reduces; the decline begins after the age of 30 and its reduction is constant until old age.

Usually at 50 years of age its production, over a 24 hour period, is halved compared to 30 years of age and at 70 it is approximately 1/3 compared to the maximum production reached at the age of development.

Sports activity limits this reduction in production, but does not eliminate it.

Somatotropin, in the pharmacological field, has been known for some time and used to treat pathologies of absence or very reduced functionality of the pituitary gland, from which it is secreted, to counteract all cases of dwarfism or delayed physical development, but also to treat temporary cases of asthenia due to prolonged periods of inactivity, due to illness or accidents.

In sports, taking somatotropin, even if illegal, allows you to improve muscle power, reduce fat mass in favor of lean mass, improve the weight/power ratio, define and increase muscle mass.

Obviously in association with a sporting activity aimed at the purpose.

In the cycling field its use is not widespread, more due to ignorance of the subject than anything else.

In reality its intake in cycling would allow to improve the watts expressed both in the maximum value and even more so in the threshold value; it would improve the weight-power ratio and reduce the fat mass in the cyclist.

The main improvements would be in the "mistrad" and "sprinters", but the improvement in threshold power, the weight/power ratio and the reduction in fat mass would mean that all cyclists would benefit.

From a pharmacological point of view, these are some of the products on the market that contain somatotropin:








It goes without saying that their use is prohibited in sports and that their intake, outside the control of a doctor, can be very risky for human health.